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If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a trucking company negligence accident, you are dealing with devastating effects. Not only are you suffering physically, but you are also dealing with overwhelming financial, emotional, and mental effects from your accident. You should not have to deal with this cumbersome burden all by yourself.

You may be entitled to significant compensation for your trucking company negligence accident, so call the Denver trucking company negligence accident attorneys of The Bourassa Law Group today at (800)870-8910 to schedule a no-cost consultation about the details of your accident.

Commercial trucks are the largest and heaviest vehicles on the road. A fully loaded tractor-trailer truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Being involved in an accident with one of these trucks can cause severe injuries or death, especially for the occupants of a typical passenger vehicle. While the truck driver may be partially responsible for the accident, often negligence on the part of the trucking company is also to blame.

Federal and state laws dictate that trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that their trucks meet safety standards and that essential systems like the brakes, steering, and signal lights are all operating properly. Trucking companies are also required to use proper procedures in hiring and training their truck drivers.

Additionally, trucking companies are required to keep records that show adherence to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules like limits on service hours and drug and alcohol testing. When trucking companies fail in any of these areas, they are negligent and are accountable for truck accidents that occur as a result of their negligence.

Examples of Trucking Company Negligence

Service Hours Violations

The FMCSA, the agency within the Department of Transportation that regulates the trucking industry, sets limits on the number of hours truck drivers may drive per day as well as per week.

All truck drivers are required to keep logs detailing their driving time and their break time, but trucking companies sometimes violate these rules or doctor logbooks. However, factual evidence of actual driving and break time can be obtained from other sources other than logbooks.

Negligent Hiring

Trucking companies are required to meet FMCSA regulations when they hire new truck drivers. These regulations are very specific in terms of minimum age requirements, minimum education, past driving history, current valid licensing, substance abuse history, and criminal conviction history.

Trucking companies are supposed to run thorough background checks on each truck driver they hire, and they are supposed to do drug testing prior to employment, and then do mandatory and random drug testing throughout the truck driver’s employment.

However, some trucking companies don’t follow any of these regulations, and when they don’t, they are negligent if their truck drivers cause an accident and are in violation of some or all of the FMCSA regulations.

Improper or Inadequate Training for Truck Drivers

Commercial trucks are complex machines, and they require very specialized training to operate safely. A driver has to know the basics of operating such a large vehicle, including turning, braking distance, and handling. In addition, they need to be able to drive in the weather conditions of the area, whether in snow, ice, or rain. Perhaps most importantly, they need to know how to handle emergency situations, sometimes when there are only seconds to react.

There are only a few specific topics required by the FMCSA for Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders that are not hauling hazardous materials. These include entry-level driver training, drug and alcohol testing, and long combination vehicle (LCV) training. LCVs are tractors with multiple (two or three) trailers.

Failure to Inspect and Maintain Vehicles

The FMCSA has requirements that all trucking companies and truck drivers regularly inspect trucks for potential problems. Specific systems, such as brakes, steering, lighting (headlights, brake lights, signal lights), tires and wheels/rims, hitching/coupling mechanisms, rearview mirrors, windshield wipers, and emergency gear should be inspected daily. If the truck is on the road, then the truck driver is responsible for checking these. However, ultimately, the trucking company is responsible for the routine inspection of the trucks in its fleet.

Trucking companies are also required by the FMCSA to make sure that their trucks are properly maintained at all times. That means that each of these systems needs to be repaired or replaced when inspection shows that they are failing or have failed.

Some trucking companies take shortcuts in this area because they have their truck drivers on tight schedules and, the faster they can turn trucks around, the more they can deliver, and the more money they can make. However, this is negligent behavior that puts other motorists at significant risk.

Why Do I Need a Trucking Company Negligence Attorney

Proving trucking company negligence can be a very complex legal and investigative process. Without legal experience and knowledge of the state and federal regulations that govern the trucking industry, it is almost impossible for an individual to prove that a trucking company’s negligence was the reason for their accident with a commercial truck.

Trucking companies work with large insurance companies who issue big-dollar policies because they are legally required to because when commercial trucks are involved in accidents, the results are often catastrophic in terms of physical injuries – or fatalities – and property damages.

However, these insurance companies are ultimately in the business of making a profit. Large payouts for accidents cut into their bottom line and into the profits of shareholders. So, these insurance companies will fight aggressively to either pay as little as possible in a trucking company negligence claim or to pay nothing at all.

That is why you need a seasoned trucking company negligence attorney in your corner to fight for your rights and for the fair and just compensation you deserve when a trucking company has acted negligently.

Experienced trucking company negligence attorneys have an extensive understanding of the laws regulating trucking companies. They have a vast network of resources that enables them to get access to and investigate thoroughly every detail of your truck accident, including the trucking company’s hiring practices, service hours practices, training practices, and inspection, maintenance, and repair practices, as well as law enforcement reports about the accident, medical history about your injuries and treatment, and photographic and video evidence from the scene of the accident.

When you have a knowledgeable trucking company negligence attorney working for you, they will not leave any stone unturned and they will fight vigorously for the full compensation you are entitled to.

Although it’s sometimes possible to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company when a trucking company is negligent, there are other times when the only avenue left is to take the case to court for a jury award of compensation.

You need a trucking company negligence attorney who is equally comfortable – and successful – with insurance company settlement negotiations and court trials in front of a jury.

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If you or a loved one have been injured or killed because of a truck accident, there is a good possibility that trucking company negligence is fully or partially responsible for the crash. We know that you are in a state of shock and you are focused on your own needs and recover.

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