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The Bourassa Law Group, LLC combines extensive legal expertise provided at reasonable rates, a focus on our clients’ individualized needs, a relaxed office culture, attorneys and staff doing work they love, and a strong commitment to excellence.


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At The Bourassa Law Group our track record of success come as a result of services that go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs. Our firm promises a highly-satisfactory customer service experience given our extensive legal experience and skill set, focus on delivering personalized care and attention, passionate attorneys and staff, and strong commitment to helping victims secure the recovery they need to begin healing. The compassionate and committed attorneys of The Bourassa Law Group are able to provide unmatched legal aid in the Denver metro area as well as throughout the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Florida.


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Were you seriously injured in an accident in Scottsdale?
Turn to The Bourassa Law Group for help right away.

No one ever expects to be hurt in an accident. When you or a loved one Also due to someone else’s negligence, you may be forced to deal with life-altering injuries that can impact your ability to support yourself and your loved ones and enjoy life as you once did.

No one should have to face the emotional, financial, and physical challenges of personal injury alone. The Scottsdale personal injury lawyers of The Bourassa Law Group are here to fight on your behalf to protect your rights and help you secure the financial compensation you need and deserve after suffering injuries from an accident or incident that was someone else’s fault.

Our firm strives to provide our clients with focused client service and excellent results from their legal claims. We know that recovering from a devastating injury following an accident can be a challenging process. That is why we work tirelessly to get you the financial resources you need to recover and get your life back to normal.

At The Bourassa Law Group, we ensure that we have all the resources we will need to vigorously pursue your claim. In addition to our dedicated, experienced personal injury attorneys, our firm also utilizes support from other experts to assist with building a strong case, including investigators, accident reconstruction experts, medical experts, engineers, occupational experts, and financial experts. We utilize our experts to help prove how your injuries occurred and demonstrate the amount of compensation that you should be entitled to.

Choosing an attorney to represent you is likely the most crucial decision you will make in your injury case. That is why we strive to earn your trust and to deliver the results that you deserve.

If you or a loved one have been injured in the Scottsdale area, contact the trial attorneys of The Bourassa Law Group at (480) 867-7177 to schedule your free and 100% confidential consultation with us today.

How The Bourassa Law Group Can Help You

When you or a loved one are injured through no fault of your own, you deserve to receive financial compensation from the party or parties who are responsible for having caused your injuries and the damages you’ve suffered as a result. Serious personal injuries can leave you with life-altering physical and emotional trauma and financial difficulties as you try to recover from your injuries. Being unable to work, provide for your family, or even live your normal life can leave you feeling helpless.

The Bourassa Law Group is here to make sure you feel helpless no longer. Our Scottsdale personal injury attorneys have an established track record of skill and success due to our extensive knowledge and experience of personal injury laws and the civil justice system.

We can help you seek and recover compensation if you have been a victim in accidents such as:

  • Car accident
  • Rideshare (Uber/Lyft) Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Dog bites and attacks
  • Slip and Fall
  • Trip and Fall
  • Premises Liability Accidents
  • Burns and Fires
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

The Scottsdale personal injury lawyers of The Bourassa Law Group are ready to help you through this difficult time in your life. We will do whatever it takes to build the best case possible so that you receive the financial compensation you need and deserve.

To schedule a FREE consultation, contact us today at (480) 867-7177.

"I hired the Bourassa Law Group to handle my PI claim due to a car crash in March of 2019. I was referred by a close friend to this practice. I had heard from many people I know personally how long it can take to come to a settlement in these cases. It was 2 years in my case and I have heard from others in similar situations it can take as long as 5 years or more. My case was handled professionally and as quickly as possible. I am very happy with the results achieved. All members of the Bourassa Law Group I had communication with were attentive to my needs and responded to me in a timely fashion."

-Jennifer M.

"Gabriella was a ton of help and was very straightforward with me. She was exceptional and represents Bourassa Law Group well. I would highly recommend!"

-Tyler S.

"I have used The Bourassa Law Group twice after auto accidents on both occasions, I received exceptional service. My care and treatment was a priority resulting in swift and responsive care. They work with an extensive group of medical care professionals to assure you are treated with premium care. All calls and messages were answered or returned in a timely fashion. Any questions I had along the way were answered and the staff assured I had a clear understanding of all answers. Their team worked hard to assure I was restored to my pre-accident self and that my compensation reflected the trauma I endured. Great service you won't find anywhere else with a highly trained, competent, polite, and professional staff."

-Rafael J.

"As we all know in times of difficult matters it always seems that there's someone that does not always care, well I'm here to tell you that's not the case with Bourassa law group. As everyone knows man with a broken back in two places has definitely something to say. I never in my life thought I would ever say these lawyers rock and to top it off the receptionist or intake manager is exceptional and she has an ear and for this I'm grateful. Gabrielle, if there was an angel in that office with a big set of white wings it would be you I am truly grateful and truly humble for having you guys on my side I'm getting up and around I don't have to worry about anything anymore because I don't know what the ramifications are in the long run for the damage that I've incurred. So I am looking forward to working with you guys and obtaining the satisfaction of knowing that no one else will ever have to go through what I've gone through"

-James T.

"I am not the best at getting back or returning phone calls due to work schedule. Team worked with me all the way and Susie was fantastic"

-Martin G.

"I wish I would have known about this Law Firm 3 years ago I probably would have been in a better place and I wouldn't have been so frustrated and aggravated. This Law Firm has absolutely shown me that they are consistent they are there when you need it they don't call you back randomly they call you back ASAP. It made me feel at home. They answer a lot of questions that I had that my other attorney found out things I didn't know about my case so I truly recommend the Law Firm you're very awesome"

-Latasha S.

"Thank you Bourassa Law Group. I am glad you are representing me."

-Lorraine L.

“I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Bourassa Law Group guided me from the very beginning until the last step. I always felt secure and supported, something I value so much. They assigned me the best place to receive medical rehab for my injuries. Getting treatment became so stress free, and the results were outstanding. I highly recommend Bourassa Law Group for their outstanding service, impeccable knowledge of law, and high level of support until the very end of my case.”

-Michael P.

“Thank you to the team at the Bourassa Law Group for all of your help during my time in need. The lawyers and paralegals here treated me with kindness, compassion, and respect after my car accident. This is very different from other lawyers I've dealt with. I highly recommend this office if you find yourself needing representation. Thanks again!”

-Chloe M.

“Great team here, took their time with me, did not feel rushed out. They did an amazing job explaining EVERY detail with me and make sure I understood!”

-Pamela M.

“I appreciate everything that my legal team did for me in my case where a Lyft driver rear-ended me at a light. They fought hard for me and I closed out my case, happy with the turn out. I would refer anyone I know, to go through Bourassa Law Group because I was treated well and my case was handled very professionally. In the grand scheme of things, this was a pretty minor case and even though I didn't get my lost wages in the end, they fought hard enough to get me a settlement to where I was happy with the amount I was able to walk away with. Great job y'all! Thank you again for everything!”

-Robert T.

“So far I am honored to have the staff at Bourassa Law firm working on my case. They have been professional, empathetic, outstanding with communications and very easy to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with them and have 100% confidence will represent me with the integrity, experience, knowledge and vigilance earning rightfully their dues for service.”

-Shauna A.

“Melanie and Jennifer were amazing! They always kept me informed on the progress of my case and gave me guidance and information on how to proceed with each step in the process. I would strongly recommend this law group to anyone with a similar situation as mine. Thank you again Bourassa for your dedication and commitment to your clients and their needs.”

-Mitch M.

“The Bourassa Law Group has recently helped me out a great deal. While driving to Pink Box donuts late on a Sunday night, we were struck by a drunk driver who had ran a red light. I recieved an injury to my shoulder as well as some extensive damage to my car. Mark helped me find a doctor to look at my shoulder, get me to a physical therapist to get me healthy again, and get my car fixed. If you are ever in need of a top notch attorney... "Better Call Bourassa" (that's their slogan).”

-Carlos C.

My experience with the Bourassa Law Group was top notch. They were always very professional and polite, explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, and secured top dollar for my case. If I'm ever in need of a lawyer again I will 100% use them again.

-Benjamin Schlimm

Absolutely loved every part about this law firm. They truly care about you and making sure that you are as close as possible as back to normal and really help you get your life back on track. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

-Jason Colby

As a Physician who specializes in PI injury cases, I can say with 100% confidence and certainty that the Bourassa Law Group is top in the business. They are accessible and accommodating for our patients, bilingual which is huge for us, they are highly organized and don’t pass patients from case manager to case manager, they are quick to establish your case, and are there with you every step of the way. After my own accident last year, I had 10+ law firms in town that could amply take care of me.... so it speaks volumes when I chose Bourassa without hesitation. Thank you Mark, Stu, Cara and the whole team! 10 ⭐️’s!!!!!

-Michelle Wozniak

Mark and his team are absolutely amazing. They have assisted many issues for my friends and I throughout the years. Definitely the go to team.

-Crystina N.

Bourassa law group as far as I am concerned is a top notch law firm. Chris was the lawyer of record on my case, if I needed to speak to him he was ALWAYS available to talk me it was not often I needed to talk to him but when there was a need he'd talk to me very professional in my opinion. As far as his paralegal Melani Kim Ruskin is simply put the best there is. Melani kept me posted as to exactly what was happening on my case never telling me something she thought I wanted to hear. Melani and Chris are an excellent team of professionals. If I'm EVER in need of an attorney again I will without hesitation call on the Bourassa Law Group. If you ever has a need for an attorney you CAN NOT do better than getting these two on your side.

-Gregory W.

Bourassa Law Group took on my case after two car accidents. My first lawyers told me to find another representative for my cases because there was nothing they could do about them, this was an unfortunate moment but very grateful to have come across this firm because they went above and beyond for me. Not only for me but for my son as well who was in the vehicle with me during the second accident. They did everything they could to make sure they demanded what was right and that I was satisfied with my treatments and closing settlements. Thank you very much Bourassa Law Group, not only for listening to my concerns and symptoms but for being trusting and proving that you will fight for me and my boy. Amazing firm!

-Vanessa R.

I got into a car accident and Mark Bourassa's law firm was the only firm that took my case seriously. They took care of me from the second I walked into their office until I got my settlement check. I can't thank Mark and his team enough for the support the offered at that difficult time. Thank you!

-Chloe P.

I highly recommend the firm. Awesome experience they were tenacious, forthcoming with information, and diligent at getting my lawsuit case resolved If I need legal services again I now know where to go.

-Ra D.
Better Call Bourassa! (480) 867-7177

Common Injuries Suffered in Accidents Caused by Negligence

An accident can leave a victim with any number of injuries. The kind accident suffered, the severity of the accident, and other factors that can determine the types of injuries you may suffer. Some of the most common injuries that our attorneys see in the personal injury cases we handle include:

    • Contusions (bruising)
    • Lacerations (cuts or perforations of skin or tissue)
    • Scrapes or road rash
    • Broken Bones
    • Neck and Back Injuries
    • Internal organ trauma and internal bleeding
    • Soft tissue injuries, including strains, sprains, and tears of muscles, tendons, and ligaments
    • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
    • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
    • Emotional trauma, including anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Cognitive difficulties and behavioral changes

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the kinds of injuries that accident victims can suffer. If you or a loved one have suffered these or other injuries through no fault of your own, contact our Scottsdale personal injury attorneys today to discuss your rights and options.

Know your rights. Do NOT suffer in silence. Do NOT trust any other law firm to fight for you like we can. Contact our Scottsdale personal injury attorneys right now at (480) 867-7177 for a FREE consultation.

Important Pieces of Evidence You Need for a Personal Injury Claim

To succeed in your personal injury claim, you will need to gather evidence to prove the other party’s responsibility for your injuries and establish the kinds and amounts of damages that you have incurred as a result of your injuries. Our Scottsdale personal injury lawyers can help you secure the various pieces of evidence necessary for your particular personal injury claim, such as:

  1. 1. Accident Report

    Depending on the type of accident you’ve suffered, someone may have prepared a report of the accident. For example, if the police respond to the scene of an accident, they will file a report. The investigating officers will relay their findings and often their conclusions about how the accident occurred and who was at fault for the accident. Or, if you were injured on a business’s premises, the employees, managers, or the owner should prepare an accident or incident report as well.

    2. Physical Evidence

    Physical evidence can demonstrate that you suffered an injury as well as demonstrate the severity of your injuries. It is often vital to act quickly to preserve physical evidence, which is usually lost or destroyed after enough time has passed. Our attorneys will ensure that all parties involved in your case preserve all physical evidence so that it is not lost or disposed of.

    3. Pictures and Video

    Photographic and video evidence can be critical to demonstrating how an accident occurred and the injuries that you have suffered. As soon as possible after an accident, you should try to take photos or videos of things like the scene of the accident, property that was damaged in the accident, your injuries, and your progress and recovery from your injuries

  2. 4. Eyewitness statements

    Eyewitness statements can be compelling objective evidence to establish what happened in an accident. It is critical to get statements as soon as possible after your accident before people’s memories begin to fade.

    5. Medical Records

    Medical records are crucial to establishing what injuries you suffered in your accident and the severity of those injuries, including how those injuries may have affected your ability to work, participate in activities, or complete tasks of daily living. In addition, you will want to keep copies of bills and invoices from your medical treatment to establish the amount of compensation you should be entitled to.

    6. Proof of wages and earnings

    If your injuries keep you out of work, you are entitled to be compensated for your lost wages or income. You will need proof of the amount of income or wages you missed out on, which can usually be confirmed through documents like pay stubs or income statements.

  3. Compensation For Your Injury

    The amount of compensation that you might be entitled to will depend on the kinds of financial, emotional, and physical damages you and your family have incurred. Our Scottsdale personal injury attorneys can help you recover every kind of compensation you might be entitled to following a personal injury, including:

    • Medical Expenses, such as hospital bills, doctor’s visits, surgeries, prescription medication, physical or occupational therapy, mobility equipment, prosthetics, and home alterations and other equipment to accommodate physical impairments or disabilities
    • Lost wages, if you miss time from work while recovering from your injuries
    • Lost earning potential, if your injuries prevent you from returning to your old job and you suffer a reduction in your income as a result
    • Pain and suffering, or the emotional and physical distress that is caused by your injuries
    • Lost quality of life, which can result from things like disability, disfigurement, inability to participate in activities you enjoyed before your injuries, or inability to perform tasks of daily living
    • Property damage, including compensation to repair damaged property or the cash value of destroyed property
    • Loss of consortium or companionship, which provides compensation to a spouse or immediate family members for the loss of your society and services to your family.

    The Bourassa Law Group stands ready to help you and your family secure the financial recovery you need and deserve so that you can get your life back on track.

  4. Committed Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorneys Are Ready to Deliver Results

    When you hire The Bourassa Law Group to represent you in your personal injury claim, you can be assured that our attorneys will work tirelessly to earn your trust and to get you the results that you deserve. Our attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to get you compensation you may be entitled to, work with experts to develop evidence in support of a persuasive legal claim, fight to get you fair and full compensation, and litigate your claim in court when it is not possible to obtain a settlement that provides you with fair and full compensation of your losses.

    If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident that was no fault of your own, contact the dedicated Scottsdale personal injury attorneys of The Bourassa Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your legal rights and options and to learn more about how our firm will help you get the financial recovery you need and deserve.

If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a catastrophic personal injury, trust in the dependable Scottsdale attorneys at The Bourassa Law Group to get you the results you deserve. Contact us today at (480) 867-7177 for a FREE consultation.

Frequently asked questions

The legal definition of a personal injury is when someone’s failure to use reasonable care in a particular situation results in another person’s physical, emotional, or psychological injury. Personal injury cases often rely on the elements of negligence to prove the responsible party’s actions were the cause of the other party’s injuries.

The length of a personal injury case depends on the type of case and various factors, such as the severity of the injury sustained and the duration of necessary treatment. A car accident case might take six months to resolve, while a wrongful death lawsuit could take two years. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the case.

No. Whether you got hurt in a car accident or on someone else’s property, you should never speak with their liability insurance company about the claim. They try to save money whenever possible and could attempt to trick you into accepting a low settlement amount or intimidate you into dropping the case. Your Denver personal injury lawyer will handle all communication on your behalf.

It depends. A vast majority of personal injury cases settle out of court. When we file a claim with the insurance company, we’ll submit evidence that proves you deserve compensation for your injuries. Sometimes the insurer is willing to settle. Other times, they deny the claim or provide a settlement much lower than you deserve. Under those circumstances, we will file a lawsuit and take the case to court.

Mediation is a step during a lawsuit where both sides meet to try to reach an agreement. The mediator listens to the arguments on both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s sides and attempts to resolve the issue. If they can reach an agreement, they will settle out of court, and the case will get dismissed. If they can’t resolve the matter, the case will proceed to trial.