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What Is the Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement in Nevada?

Have you suffered a motorcycle accident in Nevada and are wondering about the average motorcycle accident settlement in the state? We cannot give you a definite answer since there’s no average motorcycle accident settlement. It all depends on factors that impact your compensation amount, such as who’s at fault, the severity of the injuries, future medical care, etc.

Since not all accident cases are the same, the settlement amount or the judgment at court also varies depending on the abovementioned factors.

Here’s an explanation of the factors on which the average motorcycle accident settlement depends in Nevada.

Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement in Nevada

There is no doubt that motorcyclists are vulnerable to accidents. Hence the importance of knowing what your rights are if you have suffered a motorcycle accident.

Before we talk about the average settlement amount in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, let’s have a look at the cases in which you can claim compensation.

If, as a motorcyclist, you have suffered an accident for which you have not been responsible, you have the right to be compensated by the insurance company of the opposing vehicle for material damage, bodily harm, and other damages.

Factors that Determine Compensation in a Motorcycle Accident

Period of Healing

When a motorcycle accident occurs, the corresponding compensation depends on the healing time.

It is about compensating for the time necessary for the healing or, failing that, stabilization of the injuries, for example, the time the victim spends in ICU or hospital until the medical discharge is given to heal the lesions. The time and each day you spend in the hospital or are absent from your work can be quantified in the motorcycle accident settlement.

Moreover, the surgical interventions that the injured motorist must undergo as a result of their injuries are also compensable.

Damage Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Material damage is notable in motorcycle accidents. Besides the damage to your motorcycle, it also involves damage caused to the equipment or personal belongings you carry, such as a smartphone, watch, helmet, gloves, etc. You have the right to be compensated for these specific damages.

To claim compensation for damage to these items, you must obtain the original invoices for said objects or, in your default, get quotes for the same or as similar items as possible.

In addition to the indicated damages, other damages of an economic nature will also be compensable, classifiable as lost profits, or consequential damages, such as the loss of wage. This occurs, for example, when, due to being on leave from work, the injured person stops receiving certain amounts in the payroll. If self-employed, they see a decrease in their income reflected due to the inability to carry out their economic activity.

Then there is consequential damage that translates into additional expenses that must be assumed due to the accident. We are talking, for example, about pharmacy or travel expenses to go to rehabilitation.

Long-Term Consequences of a Motorcycle Accident

One of the biggest concerns of motorcycle accident injuries is the possible persistence of sequelae at the time of discharge since injuries suffered by motorcyclists are generally long-term.

The sequelae are legally defined as physical, intellectual, organic, and sensory deficiencies and aesthetic damage resulting from an injury that persists after the healing period has ended. Some examples include post-traumatic pain, aggravation of previous osteoarthritis, mobility limitations, osteosynthesis material, loss of hearing acuity, etc. The sequelae may also be aesthetic that worsens the person’s image, such as scars, skin spots, loss of a limb, etc.

In addition, there is a wide range of consequences, each including minimum and maximum settlement amounts for which this damage must be compensated. So it will be necessary to study each motorcycle accident case from every perspective; hence the importance of hiring a personal injury attorney.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to involve a medical expert specializing in bodily damage assessment to determine exactly how much to compensate for each type of sequel.

It is even possible that the persistence of sequelae allows claiming a loss of quality of life, depending on the specific affectation of the same in the development of the personal autonomy of the injured party.

Main Issues in Motorcycle Accidents

It is often the case that crashed motorcyclists are quickly taken to the nearest hospital. This implies that sometimes they cannot sign a friendly report or that, in the case in which the police authority intervenes, their statement is not taken immediately. If this happens, it is important to try to locate the intervening police to be able to give your version of the events.

Sometimes it’s a hit-and-run case. If so, the insurance Compensation Consortium may claim the corresponding compensation. However, except in particularly serious cases, the Consortium will only indemnify bodily damage and not damage to the motorcycle or other damaged personal belongings.

In any case, it will be very important to have the police report or witnesses who witnessed what happened to justify what happened and thus be able to compensate the injured party.

In some cases, there’s no direct collision between the motorcycle and the opposing vehicle. In such a case, as long as there is no agreement on who was responsible, it is even more important to identify eyewitnesses to the events to demonstrate the responsibility of the opposing vehicle.

Insurance companies are usually quite reluctant to compensate certain damages for the amount that they should compensate the injured party. Therefore, having a personal injury attorney on your side is essential to get the compensation you deserve.

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