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Where Do Drowning Cases Commonly Occur in Nevada?

Drowning is more common than you think in America. Statistics indicate that most drowning-related deaths occur in swimming pools. Most of the people who die are children between one and four years old, which is pretty tragic.

Clark County has seen many drownings in Nevada. These accidents typically occur at home in residential pools where parents fail to supervise their children for just a few seconds. This can quickly lead to death, leading to heartbreak for the affected families.

Drowning cases are commonly seen in residential and public pools, as well as spas and bathtubs. In some cases, people die while swimming in the river.

Let’s explore where drowning cases commonly occur in Nevada.

Drownings Most Commonly Occur in Swimming Pools

All parents have a responsibility to supervise their children when they are using the swimming pool. You can expect to find many public swimming pools in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to the hot weather, swimming pools are an excellent pastime in this state, inviting hundreds of people to partake in the activity each day.

Statistics indicate that residential pools are the leading cause of drownings. It is mostly children between one and four years of age that drown in their home swimming pools. You can also expect children to drown in inflatable pools, which is why parental supervision is so important.

Some pools and aquatic areas in Nevada include the Desert Breeze Aquatic Center, BMI Outdoor Pool, and Aquatic Springs. You can expect to find many other swimming pools scattered all around the state. Public pool drownings are not uncommon, and you should exercise caution when visiting these places in Nevada.


Boating Accidents in Northern Nevada Have Led to Drownings

Northern Nevada has seen quite a few boating accidents lately. This is a new trend because most of the accidents typically occur in South Nevada. There are many lakes and bodies of water where people drown and lose their lives.

Upon investigation of these incidents, experts quickly discovered that the victims did not have their life jackets on. There have even been instances of experienced kayakers and boaters drowning due to wave-related accidents. Since they did not have their life jacket on, they drowned in front of others, who watched helplessly as it happened.

Due to the rise in paddle sports, there has been a marked increase in water-related activities in Nevada. However, it is worrying that people are not taking their basic safety seriously and not wearing life jackets. Even if you know how to swim, you can still drown if you’re not careful.

These incidents conclude that the trend is slowly changing from most of the drownings typically occurring in Southern Nevada where many lakes are found. However, Northern Nevada has also seen many drowning cases recently.

The age range also varies since adults and children aged between one and four are passing away from drowning. However, in most cases, it is obvious that it is due to a lack of regard for their safety and parents not supervising their children properly.

Nevada Drowning Statistics

  • Southern Nevada has seen eight children die yearly in the past two decades. Some organizations have sprung up to reduce children’s drownings in the state.
  • In 2011, there were five deaths and thirty-two non-fatal accidents in Nevada. This means a significant number of tragedies occur in Nevada each year.
  • Most of the drownings are divided between residential pools, public pools, and bathtubs.
  • Unsupervised children have a high risk of drowning in residential pools. This means parents have a massive responsibility to supervise their children, especially if they have a pool at home.
  • Boating accidents in recent years have led to several adult drownings in Northern Nevada. This is a new trend since most deaths thus far have occurred in lakes in Southern Nevada.

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