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Arizona Burn Injury Lawyers

If you’ve suffered a burn injury in Arizona as a result of someone else’s negligence, you are legally eligible for financial compensation. Burn injuries can be excruciating and require extensive, and expensive, medical treatments. Your livelihood should not suffer from the resulting financial strains of your burn injury. Quality legal representation is available to you.

Burn injuries can have long-lasting effects on your quality of life. The experienced personal injury lawyers of The Bourassa Law Group want to help you minimize those effects by fighting on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. Call The Bourassa Law Group today at (480) 867-7177 or contact us online for a completely free case evaluation.

Should I Consult a Lawyer if I’ve Sustained a Burn Injury?

Fires, explosions, and leaking chemicals can cause catastrophic injuries and leave everyone affected confused and in pain. Even if you don’t know the exact cause of your burn injury right away, a burn injury lawyer can help you.

If your burn injury was the result of another party’s negligence, be it a careless employer, car accident, or a faulty electrical system, you should speak with an experienced burn injury attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to determine fault, as well as all possible avenues of compensation.

Whether you were hurt by a fire, explosion, or chemical accident, the negligent party will likely try to avoid as much fault as possible for the accident. Your burn injury lawyer will ensure that they are held responsible for injuring you.

Navigating personal injury or workers’ compensation laws may sound like a daunting task because it is. You need the guidance of a personal injury lawyer with expertise in these fields in order to get fair and full financial compensation for your losses.

In addition, the help of a burn injury lawyer can alleviate your stress over legal matters so that you can prioritize your rest and recovery from your burn injury.

Why Should I Choose The Bourassa Law Group to Handle My Case?

At The Bourassa Law Group, our seasoned attorneys have years of combined experience helping injured victims like you receive maximum settlements. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to conduct a deep investigation into your case and recover the highest amount of compensation possible for you.

Our founder, Mark J. Bourassa Esq. has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for his clients over the course of his career. He is admitted to practice law in all State Courts for not only Arizona but California and Nevada as well.

In addition, Mr. Bourassa is admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court. No case is too big or too small. He and all of our attorneys handle each case we see with individualized attention and care, and we will do the same for you.

Our high-dollar results in injury cases make us a top law firm choice in all the states where we practice. In one of our cases, an innocent woman was severely injured when a semi-truck hit her vehicle and made it roll over twice. After aggressively negotiating with her insurance company, we settled her case for nearly $400,000.

In another case, our client was injured by a driver who failed to yield to the right of way, and we were able to settle at nearly $300,000 for him.

We are confident in our ability to represent you to the fullest extent the same way we’ve represented these clients and many others. In addition to offering free consultations, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t have to pay us anything for our services until we win your case.

Contact us today. We have several contact options for your convenience. You can speak with us instantly via live chat, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (480) 867-7177 to schedule a free consultation about your burn injury case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be held at fault for my burn injury?

Determining fault in a burn injury case can be difficult, but a qualified burn injury attorney will be able to thoroughly investigate all the evidence in your case to identify all liable parties.

For example, if you were the victim of a car accident that resulted in your burn injury, the driver who hit you could be held at fault. If your car caught fire in a way that would suggest a faulty part, a parts manufacturer could be held responsible for your injuries as well. If your burn injury happened on the job, your employer could be held responsible for damages.

To learn more about fault and how we can determine it in your case, contact us at (480) 867-7177 for your free consultation today. We will use all of our resources to thoroughly examine your case.

What types of compensation can I win for my burn injury?

Burn injury victims can be eligible for multiple types of compensation. When you call for your free consultation, we can discuss your case and the avenues of compensation that may be available to you. Burn injury case compensation types may include:

  • Medical expenses: Medical expenses compensation can cover costs associated with hospital stays, treatments, surgeries, and more that you incur as a result of your burn injury. This compensation can account for past, present, and future medical costs.
  • Lost income: Lost income compensation can cover wages that you’ve lost by missing work to heal from your burn injury.
  • Lost earning potential: Lost earning potential compensation can cover wages you will lose in the event that your burn injury causes permanent damage that hinders or prevents your ability to work.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering compensation is a general amount awarded to injury victims for the mental and physical hardships they’ve endured because of their accidents and injuries.

Can I file a wrongful death lawsuit if I’ve lost a loved one to a severe burn injury?

Yes. In the worst cases, burn injuries are so severe that they cause the sufferer to lose their life. If you’ve lost a loved one to a burn injury caused by someone else’s negligence, The Bourassa Law Group can discuss the benefits of filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Our attorneys are sensitive to the traumatic nature of this experience. We can help you seek justice for your loved one and compensation for the losses you’ve incurred. Whenever you’re ready to discuss your situation, give us a call at (480) 867-7177.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries vary in severity between first, second, and third-degree burns. Burns injuries have many common causes including construction workplace accidents, car accidents, scalding water, hot metals, electrical accidents, and chemical burns. The degrees of burns are described as follows:

  • First-degree burns: First-degree burns are mild in comparison to second and third-degree burns. They cause reddening of the outer layer of skin, the epidermis. Though they are minor, they can still be quite painful.
  • Second-degree burns: Second-degree burns are also known as partial-thickness burns. They affect the epidermis and dermis, the next layer of the skin, and cause redness, pain, and blistering.
  • Third-degree burns: Third-degree burns, the most severe burns, are also known as full-thickness burns. These burns affect deep skin tissues beyond the dermis. They can cause the skin to char and lose feeling, which may be permanent.

No matter the severity of your burn injury, The Bourassa Law Group can help you get the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses and more. Contact us today at (480) 867-7177 to get started on your free consultation.

What to Do if You’ve Suffered a Burn Injury

If you’ve suffered a first-degree burn, keep it cool by running it under cool, not cold, water until the pain subsides. First-degree burns can often be treated with aloe vera cream, but they sometimes require antibiotic ointment and over-the-counter pain medication. Second-degree burns can sometimes be treated at home, but are often treated with antibiotic ointments that a doctor must prescribe.

Third-degree burns need more intensive treatments and often result in hospitalization. They can be treated with skin grafts or synthetic skin, and intravenous antibiotics for subsequent infections. These treatments can be costly and painful.

It’s always safe to seek medical treatment for a burn injury, especially past the first degree. Make sure you keep records of all medical treatments, costs, and diagnoses to help your case for financial compensation. Call The Bourassa Law Group at (480) 867-7177 today for a totally free consultation about your burn injury case.

Burn Injury Statistics

Many Americans suffer burn injuries each year. The American Burn Association estimates that in 2016, roughly 486,000 burns received medical treatment in hospital emergency rooms in the United States. That estimate does not necessarily include all burns that were treated at hospital clinics, community health centers, or private medical offices.

Between 2005 and 2014, 43% of admissions to burn centers were caused by fires and flames. The second most common cause of admission was scalding at 34%, followed by contact at 9%, electrical at 4%, and chemical at 3%. Other unlisted accident types made up the remaining 7%.

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Burn injuries can be catastrophic and cause intense levels of pain and discomfort. You deserve to be compensated for your suffering. The experienced burn injury attorneys at The Bourassa Law Group have what it takes to ensure that you’re taken care of. You won’t have to pay us a penny until we recover compensation for your burn injury.

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