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Arizona Truck Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been in an accident involving a commercial truck, you may be entitled to compensation. The likelihood of serious injury and devastating vehicle damage increases when an accident involves a truck because trucks are bigger and heavier and have slower braking times than passenger vehicles.

Additionally, because trucks are usually commercially operated, there are different state and federal rules and regulations to consider than in an accident involving only passenger vehicles. If any of these rules or regulations were broken, you may be entitled to more compensation than you think.

There are many factors that often make truck accidents more complex than regular passenger vehicle accidents. An experienced truck accident attorney, like the ones at The Bourassa Law Group, will work to get the compensation you deserve while you heal and recover. Contact us today for a 100% free consultation about your case at (480) 867-7177.

Why You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

After being involved in a truck accident, it’s likely that your vehicle was seriously damaged or totaled and you may have suffered severe injuries. It’s crucial that you spend time resting and recovering, rather than dealing with the stressful process of trying to handle insurance claims and seek compensation for the losses you have suffered. A seasoned truck accident attorney can carry the legal burden so that you can focus on your recovery.

A truck accident attorney has expert knowledge of trucking industry laws, and can easily navigate the many laws and regulations that may come into play after a truck accident.

Furthermore, after accidents, the insurance companies that represent truck drivers and trucking companies often try to take advantage of victims by offering them settlements that are much lower than what they are actually entitled to.

To make sure that you get the fair compensation you deserve, you need to hire an attorney who specializes in truck and automotive accident law. At The Bourassa Law Group, our truck accident lawyers can take all the information and evidence in your case to determine what kind of settlement you can expect to receive, so we will know when to keep fighting and when to accept a settlement.

If the insurance companies refuse to offer full and fair compensation, then we will take your truck accident case to court where we will get a jury verdict on how much compensation you should be paid by the negligent parties.

Why Choose The Bourassa Law Group?

At The Bourassa Law Group, we are a team of highly-experienced personal injury attorneys with an excellent track record of getting the best settlements possible for our clients. Although settlement amounts differ depending on individual circumstances, we often reach settlements for our clients that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We recently won a $390,000 settlement after fighting an adverse insurance company for a client who suffered severe injury and vehicle damage after her car was rear-ended by a semi-truck. Our attorneys do everything within our power to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Many people worry about whether or not they can afford an attorney. At The Bourassa Law Group, we work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning you don’t pay us anything until we win your case. At the end of the case, we will take a small percentage of the settlement you win.

There will be no bills or fees before that. We also provide a free initial consultation about your case, so that you can decide if you would like to work with us without any financial pressure. Contact us today at (480) 867-7177 to schedule your free consultation.

How Are Truck Accidents Different from Passenger Vehicle Accidents?

Commercial trucks are obviously significantly larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, but there are many less obvious factors that make truck accidents especially complicated. Because trucking is a commercial industry, it is heavily regulated by both state and federal governments.

If one or more regulatory rules were broken and that played a role in the truck accident, you may be able to receive a higher settlement than the insurance company initially offers.

For example, consider a truck accident that happened on an icy road: the truck traveling at a safe speed seemingly slid out of control on black ice and rear-ended a passenger vehicle. The company argues that the inclement weather caused the accident, not the truck driver or the trucking company, but upon investigation, it is determined that the trucking company had not conducted the annual brake inspection required by federal law, and the brakes were worn out at the time of the accident.

An experienced truck accident lawyer will ensure those investigations are fully carried out and will be able to navigate these rules and regulations so that you get the most compensation possible.

Trucking rules and regulations vary state-to-state, but they generally ensure that trucks are properly maintained and that truck drivers drive safely. Here are some examples of Arizona trucking laws:

A.R.S. 28-709 sets a maximum speed limit of 65 miles per hour for trucks.

A.R.S. 28-958.01 requires the use of tire splash guards to prevent debris, like rocks and water, from being thrown at cars behind the truck.

There are thousands of trucking rules and regulations, and any of them might be at play in your accident. A knowledgeable truck accident attorney has a specialized understanding of all of these laws and will determine which ones were violated by either the truck driver or the trucking company.

Potential Truck Accident Causes

There are a variety of different factors that could lead to a truck accident. It’s important to understand that it is extremely rare to have a true “accident” — one party is almost always determined to be at least somewhat at fault. Here are some common causes of truck accidents:

  • Fatigue – Sometimes, trucking companies incentivize drivers to spend more hours on the road than is legal or safe in order to earn more money or satisfy a daily quota of miles. A truck driver who has been driving for 14 hours without a break is a very dangerous driver, as fatigue and lack of sleep reduce reaction time and lead to confusion and distraction.
  • Insufficient training – Trucks are significantly more complicated to operate than a passenger vehicle and require specialized safety knowledge. Without proper training, truck drivers may not know how to drive safely.
  • Driver error – Anyone on the road can make a mistake, but it becomes much more dangerous when trucks are involved. Things like texting, eating or making a phone call are considered distracted driving and cause many truck accidents. Truck drivers may also make an illegal U-turn, merge without using their blinkers, or act in any other improper and irresponsible way and cause an accident.
  • Technical Failures – Truck accidents are often caused by things like blown tires or malfunctioning brakes. In order to avoid technical failures, trucking companies are required to follow strict maintenance schedules. If they don’t and something breaks, causing an accident, the trucking company can be considered responsible for the accident.

How Much is My Case Worth?

Your settlement will depend on a variety of factors. When your truck accident attorney proves that the truck driver and/or trucking company was responsible for the accident, the insurance companies representing both the truck driver and the trucking company should pay compensation that covers your economic (medical bills, car repairments/replacement, and lost income, among others) losses you have suffered.

You should keep careful track of any medical and car repair/replacement costs for your case. It’s also critical to keep medical documentation of your injuries, so your truck accident attorney has evidence to prove that your injuries were indeed the result of the accident. Adverse insurance companies sometimes try to argue that you sustained your injuries elsewhere.

It’s also essential that you go to the hospital as soon as you can after your accident, even if you aren’t sure that you need to. Some injuries that are commonly sustained after truck accidents, especially brain injuries, don’t immediately show visible symptoms, so it’s important to be checked out by a doctor. This is crucial both for your own health and to have official documentation of your injuries.

In many states, including Arizona, you may also be eligible for “non-economic”, or “general” damages. These are damages for which money is an approximate, but not an exact substitute. These include damages like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional trauma.

Arizona also allows punitive damages in rare cases, which is money that the at-fault party must pay as punishment for extremely reckless and dangerous behavior, such as drunk driving. However, Arizona law states that government employees can never be subject to punitive damages. For example, if you are rear-ended by a city garbage truck, you can pursue economic and non-economic damages, but not punitive damages.

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Truck accidents are terrifying, and the confusion of insurance claims and investigation processes that follow can contribute to the feeling of loss of control that many accident victims experience. At The Bourassa Law Group, we will help alleviate this stress and confusion, and ensure you get the best settlement possible. Contact us today at (480) 867-7177 to set up a free consultation about your case.

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