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Burn injuries can be some of the most devastating and painful injuries that can occur to the human body. Serious burn injuries leave both physical and mental scars that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, burn injuries continues to be one of the leading causes of unintentional death and injury. According to numbers from the American Burn Association, between 2011 and 2015 emergency rooms saw approximately 486,000 fire or burn injuries.

While medical treatment for burns has gotten better and 96 percent of those treated in burn centers will survive their injuries, those survivors face an uphill battle. Many times, they must deal with lifelong physical disabilities and are left with significant scars.

Whether you or a loved one was burned in a house fire, chemical spill, or workplace accident, the legal team at The Bourassa Law Group is committed to making sure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

We understand what a serious and traumatic life event this has been, and we take your pain seriously, treating you with respect and dignity as we fight to secure your compensation for your burn injury accident.

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Types and Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burns are traumatic and destructive injuries that not only leave devastating scars on the body, but they can also leave mental and emotional scars as well. Depending on the severity of the burn, recovery, and rehabilitation can take months or even years. Some of the most common types of burn injuries include:

  • Thermal Burn- This is typically what comes to mind when we hear the word “burn.” This a burn that occurs as a result of coming into contact with something extremely hot. The burn raises the temperature of your skin to the point where cells begin to die. Flames, hot metal, hot liquid, and steam can all cause thermal burns.
  • Chemical Burn- A chemical burn occurs when the skin comes into contact with strong acids, solvents, alkaline, or even chemical explosions.
  • Radiation Burn- A sunburn can be considered a type of radiation burn. Other more serious radiation burns can be caused by tanning beds,  X-rays, or radiation therapy.
  • Electrical Burn- An electrical burn can happen when you come into contact with a source of electrical current like a downed electric pole or electrical socket.

Burns treatments can vary depending on the severity of the burn and what percentage of the body the burn coverages. Medical professionals categorize the severity of burns using the following scale:

  • First-Degree Burns – This burn only penetrates the top or outer layer of the skin. A sunburn is a typical example of a first-degree burn. The skin will be painful, red, and may show mild swelling.
  • Second-Degree Burns – Second-degree burns are more substantial in nature. In addition to the outer layer of skin being damaged, the second layer of skin also known as the dermis is also damaged. Second-degree burns can cause a deep reddening of the skin, pain, blisters, and possible loss of some skin.
  • Third-Degree Burns – Third-degree burns are very serious injuries. The burn penetrates all layers of the skin and typically also damages muscle and nerve tissue underneath. These types of burns permanently destroy skin and tissue. Third-degree burns are often painless because the burn has destroyed nerves, the pain felt is often a result of surrounding first and second-degree burns. There is a loss of skin layers and skin may appear dry, leathery, charred or have patches of white, brown or black. By far the most serious of burn injuries, these burns must be treated immediately by a medical professional.

However, the burn injury itself isn’t the only thing that burn injury victims have to worry about. The sensitive nature of the injury means they are more susceptible to infections. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, up to 10,000 burn victims die every year as a result of burn-related infections.

Treatment for burn injuries can range from IV fluids and a short hospital stay, to extensive and painful surgery, skin grafts, rehabilitation, and even wearing special burn garments in order to help ease the scaring.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. We come into contact with heat sources multiple times a day and think nothing of it. Unfortunately, sometimes we can’t always predict when an ordinary event is going to turn into a tragic accident. This shortlist includes some of the most common causes of burn injuries:

  • House fire- The American Burn Association estimates that in 2016 there were 2,800 deaths from residential structure fires.
  • Car Accidents- From friction burns to gas tank explosions, car accidents can cause a wide variety of burn injuries.
  • Fires in the workplace- An unsafe work environment could be the source of a number of different burn injuries from a structure fire, to an electrical burn, chemical burn, or other injuries.
  • Chemical accidents- Whether it is a chemical spill out on the road or a chemical accident in your own home, a number of different circumstances can lead to chemical burns.
  • Defective products- We’ve heard the stories of batteries overheating or electronic products exploding, defective products in the home or on worksites can cause serious burn injuries.

A burn injury can happen in a variety of ways in many different circumstances. The Nevada burn injury attorneys at The Bourassa Law Group take the time to listen to the circumstances of your individual case. We thoroughly investigate every piece of evidence, determine which parties are liable, and then pursue compensation from those parties who are responsible for the burns you have suffered.

Types of Compensation for Burn Injuries

Recovering from a burn injury can be a long and arduous process. It can take months, even years just to be able to regain some of the physical strength and independence that is lost after a burn injury.

In the meantime, medical bills may be piling up and you may not have been able to get back to work yet. If you have a prolonged regimen of physical and rehabilitation therapy for your burn injuries, that represents even more medical expenses in the future.

The attorneys with The Bourassa Law Group have the experience you need in order to help you recover the compensation, which goes far beyond medical expenses, that you deserve. We work hard on the legal front for maximum compensation so you can focus on your health and recovery, not how you are going to pay for it. While every case is unique, here are some examples of the compensation you may be entitled to:

  • Lost wages- Time away from work due to your injuries may be recovered.
  • Loss of future wages- If your injuries keep you away from work for the foreseeable future or your injuries are so debilitating that you will not be able to work again, you may be entitled to recover future income that you would have earned if you’d been working.
  • Medical expenses- Hospital bills, surgeries, doctors’ visits, prescription drugs, medical bills can mount up quickly, especially if you have severe burns and require multiple surgeries.
  • Future medical expenses for continued care- Physical therapy, rehabilitation, modifications to your living environment, future skin grafts, the medicals bills and treatments don’t stop immediately after an injury. Burns may require future medical expenses that should be compensated.
  • Loss of quality of life- Severe burn injuries may impact the quality of your life, changing your living situation, relationships, and your ability to enjoy physical activities. You may not be able to jump back into the activities you once enjoyed. We can fight to get you compensation for that loss.
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement

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There are no magic cures for burn injuries. They take time to heal. In that time, you or your loved one may be losing income while watching the extensive medical bills pile up. Negligent actions demand justice for those hurt and suffering the consequences of those actions.

Laws have been put in place to help those who have become victims of these tragic and negligent actions. The Nevada burn injury lawyers at The Bourassa Law Group are dedicated to fighting for the rights of those impacted by negligent actions that result in burn injuries.

The Bourassa Law Group has extensive experience in and knowledge about Nevada law. Pair that with our numerous resources, professional relationships with medical professionals and accident reconstruction specialists and you can feel confident in the fact that we will fight hard for you.

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