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Denver Truck Accidents Attorney

The Denver truck accident attorneys at The Bourassa Law Group are dedicated to delivering swift justice in the form of full compensation for the damages you have suffered. Our highly skilled personal injury lawyers fight tooth and nail to win for our clients, delivering the attention you and your case deserve.

Driving near an 18-wheeler on the highway is an intimidating experience.

When an accident happens, these large trucks can deal costly damage to passenger vehicles, and often, victims of these types of accidents can sustain severe injuries – or worse.

Our experienced truck accident lawyers are waiting for your call. Contact us at (303) 331-6186 or online to set up a legal consultation with one of Colorado’s best truck accident lawyers today.

Why You Need The Bourassa Law Group to Handle Your Truck Accident Claim

Large truck accidents are completely different from “regular” car accidents. These behemoth-sized vehicles are often 20 to 30 times heavier than regular passenger cars. Because of this, large trucks like 18-wheelers or other types of commercial vehicles can inflict catastrophic injuries.

That’s why you need the skilled, experienced, and dedicated truck accident lawyers like the ones at The Bourassa Law Group. Our legal guidance is unmatched in Colorado and we treat every client with the respect and attention they deserve.

There are several factors about a truck accident that vastly differ from that of a traditional car accident. Those factors include:

  1. Serious Injuries – Because of a commercial truck’s sheer size, when they are involved in an accident, the injuries sustained by victims tend to be in much more severe in nature when compared to passenger vehicle accidents. It isn’t uncommon for a victim of a large truck accident to sustain a life-altering injury. To ensure that you win full compensation, the evidence collected by your truck accident attorney must reflect this.
  2. Property Damage – As you could imagine, the damage caused by a vehicle that weighs over 80,000 pounds can be devastating. It is likely that your vehicle will be totaled if you are involved in an accident with a large truck.
  3. Multiple Parties Involved – Finding fault in a truck accident isn’t a straightforward process. These types of accidents often have multiple parties involved such as the driver of the large truck, the manufacturer of said truck, or the trucking company’s inspectors. Any of these parties – alongside other ones – can be responsible for the accident that caused your injuries and the damages you suffered.
  4. Complex Insurance Policies – Trucking companies utilize multiple insurance coverages, and that in itself can make retrieving compensation rather difficult. On top of this fact, these insurance companies are professionals at diverting the blame off of their clients and instead blaming you. To combat this, you need an experienced truck accident attorney to wrangle these bad faith actors into compliance and get the full compensation you deserve.

The truck accident attorneys of The Bourassa Law Group have what it takes to win your case and earn you maximum compensation. Contact us at right now at (303) 331-6186 to get started on your truck accident claim.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Our truck accident attorneys excel at determining who and what caused your truck accident. Some of the most frequent causes that can contribute to a large truck accident include, but are not limited to:

  • Driver Error – All it takes is for one negligent truck driver to maneuver into the wrong lane, make an illegal u-turn, or act in some other negligent manner to cause a serious truck accident. Let’s not forget that distracted driving (ex. texting while driving, fumbling with other equipment or devices, etc.) can also put other drivers on the road at risk.
  • Equipment Failure – A significant portion of truck accidents happen because of equipment failures such as tire blowouts or malfunctioning brakes.
  • Poor Truck Maintenance – Trucking companies must adhere to strict maintenance schedules, and if they don’t, they risk putting a vehicle on the road that can harm a lot of individuals. To ensure that trucking companies do not commit this sort of negligence, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that these trucking companies abide by certain standards including inspections and maintenance.
  • Improper Cargo Weight Distribution – Heavy cargo that isn’t properly secured or loaded would constitute as unsafe. An imbalanced 18-wheeler can be more susceptible to rollovers.
  • Sudden Stops – One of the worst places for a passenger vehicle to be is in front of an 18-wheeler speeding down the highway. Should the need for a sudden stop arise, the 18-wheeler behind you needs ample amounts of space to make a safe stop. If the truck driver is tailgating you, however, a sudden stop can cause them to run into the rear of your vehicle – and the resulting damage is way worse than a normal fender bender.
  • Jackknife Accidents – If a driver needs to make a sudden stop or fails to keep the vehicle under control during a maneuver, the trailer could swing out wide and fold in on the cab, in a jackknife accident. These accidents are particularly dangerous since they can cause the truck and trailer to strike other vehicles, overturn, and block the roadway.
  • Rollover Accidents – When a semi-truck rolls over in an accident, those nearby face the possibility of being hit or crushed by 80,000 lbs of truck and trailer that can span more than 70 feet. When these accidents happen, severe or fatal injuries can and do occur with alarming frequency.

Common Injuries Sustained in Truck Accidents

A fully loaded semi-truck can weigh in at around 80,000 pounds. A traditional passenger car, at its heaviest, weighs in at around 3,000 to 4,000 pounds. This difference in size and weight creates a substantial risk of sustaining a bevy of severe injuries in a truck accident such as:

  • Cuts and Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Broken Bones
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Torso and Rib Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Head and Brain Injuries
  • Internal Injuries
  • Amputated Limbs and Extremities
  • Wrongful Death

Work with the best Denver truck accident attorneys at The Bourassa Law Group to win your case and secure maximum compensation to help you on your path to recovery. Contact us at (303) 331-6186 for a no-obligation, consultation.

Types of Truck Accidents We Handle

Our highly skilled truck accident attorneys have a wide array of legal experience, resources, and capabilities at the ready to help you win your truck accident claim. That said, we are more than capable to serve victims that have sustained injuries in accidents involving:

Your pain matters to us at The Bourassa Law Group. You deserve compassionate legal care and attention. Let our Denver truck accident attorneys deliver just that. Contact us today at (303) 331-6186 to begin the process of securing full compensation for the damages you have suffered.

Determining Who is Liable in Your Truck Accident Claim

Acquiring experienced legal representation is a must-do when it comes to successfully litigating your truck accident case. We work day and night analyzing all angles of your case and securing evidence to help build your case, such as:

  • Your Vehicle – This is your primary source of evidence in a truck accident claim. In order to win you full compensation, we need your vehicle to stay in the condition it was after the accident. Repairing it during this process is essentially throwing away your strongest piece of evidence.
  • Inspection Reports – Every commercial truck must pass an inspection. It verifies that the trucking company approved it to be serviceable. If they forgo this important step, that is considered negligence.
  • Maintenance Logs – These logs contain all of the information as to what maintenance was performed before the truck went out on the road. If any of these records indicate that the truck was in poor condition before it left the garage, it only further validates your claim.
  • Cargo Logs – These logs contain important information to what the truck hauled while it was in transit. A commercial vehicle that is hauling heavy cargo that exceeds the gross vehicle weight rating can strain the brake system, which can ultimately lead to brake failure.
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing Results – Random alcohol and drug tests are what trucking companies use to ensure that their drivers are driving sober. Usually, if a truck driver is involved in an accident, he or she may be tested for these substances afterward.
  • Any Other Important Information – This usually covers any information regarding the driver, the trucking company, any protocols and procedures that the company enforces, and other important information.

We take your trust in us seriously. We fight hard to earn it.

The Colorado truck accident attorneys at The Bourassa Law Group have what it takes to win your truck accident claim. Contact us at (303) 331-6186 to set up a legal consultation today.

Types of Compensation We Will Help to Secure

Our Denver truck accident attorneys know what it takes to win. We’ll fight with everything we have to get you full compensation to cover:

  • Past and ongoing medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Mental pain
  • Financial damages
  • Economic damages
  • Punitive damages

If, unfortunately, the victim has passed away, we still have plenty of options to help your family recover any funeral expenses, as well as damages for pain and suffering. The surviving members of the family may be eligible for:

  • Recovery for lost wages and future earnings of the decedent
  • Recovery for loss of benefits of the decedent
  • Recovery for loss of companionship
  • Recovery for loss of consortium
  • Recovery for mental anguish
  • Recovery for pain and suffering
  • Recovery of punitive damages
  • Recovery for medical expenses
  • Recovery for funerary expenses

It is worth noting, however, that if you sign any documentation or accept a settlement from the insurance and/or trucking company, you may be waiving your right to seek full compensation in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact a lawyer before signing anything.

We are Denver attorneys ready to fight for you. At The Bourassa Law Group, we take pride in our work, winning cases that earn full compensation for our clients so that they can fully recover.

Contact us at (303) 331-6186 or fill out our contact form to schedule your legal consultation with one of Colorado’s best truck accident attorneys today.

Frequently asked questions

The legal definition of a personal injury is when someone’s failure to use reasonable care in a particular situation results in another person’s physical, emotional, or psychological injury. Personal injury cases often rely on the elements of negligence to prove the responsible party’s actions were the cause of the other party’s injuries.

The length of a personal injury case depends on the type of case and various factors, such as the severity of the injury sustained and the duration of necessary treatment. A car accident case might take six months to resolve, while a wrongful death lawsuit could take two years. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the case.

No. Whether you got hurt in a car accident or on someone else’s property, you should never speak with their liability insurance company about the claim. They try to save money whenever possible and could attempt to trick you into accepting a low settlement amount or intimidate you into dropping the case. Your Denver personal injury lawyer will handle all communication on your behalf.

It depends. A vast majority of personal injury cases settle out of court. When we file a claim with the insurance company, we’ll submit evidence that proves you deserve compensation for your injuries. Sometimes the insurer is willing to settle. Other times, they deny the claim or provide a settlement much lower than you deserve. Under those circumstances, we will file a lawsuit and take the case to court.

Mediation is a step during a lawsuit where both sides meet to try to reach an agreement. The mediator listens to the arguments on both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s sides and attempts to resolve the issue. If they can reach an agreement, they will settle out of court, and the case will get dismissed. If they can’t resolve the matter, the case will proceed to trial.

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