5 Interesting Slip-and-Fall Accident Statistics You Should Know About

Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the leading contributors to preventable injuries affecting people of all ages. Their severity varies according to several factors, such as age, nature of the fall, and flooring type. Most people turn a blind eye to statistics relating to these accidents but may find themselves or someone they know in a similar situation.

Businesses in Nevada are legally required to protect their customers and visitors from tripping hazards by putting up the necessary warning signs. Some contributors to slip-and-fall accidents include wet spillages, icy sidewalks, and polished floors.

Let’s look at five interesting slip-and-fall accident statistics.

1. Slip and Fall Accidents Can Cost $40,000 or More

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause a massive financial fallout for families, making it important to file a lawsuit against the guilty and negligent business establishment. Depending on the injuries’ severity, medical costs can easily amount to $30,000 or more. Such costs take a toll on countrywide insurance costs and devastate many households. However, there are law firms with competent accident attorneys dedicated to helping slip-and-fall victims reach a settlement.

Hip fractures require surgery and physiotherapy to recover from, making them particularly difficult to deal with. Seniors are more likely to fracture their hips even from milder falls since they are susceptible to bone injuries. In the United States, 95% of hip fractures come from fall-related injuries, which is a shocking statistic to consider. People’s lives can change overnight due to the pain and suffering from a lack of mobility from hip injuries.

3. On Average, Slip and Fall Injuries Lead to Eleven Days of Lost Work

Your average slip-and-fall accident can make you miss eleven days of work. This lost productivity costs organizations millions of dollars, especially if the victim has suffered a serious injury. For example, slip and fall victims can become disabled from a back or neck injury, creating mental anguish and massive financial losses.

4. Hardly Any Slip and Fall Cases Reach a Jury Trial

Many victims are eager to reach a settlement to cover their costs relating to slip and fall injuries. However, they are often hesitant about testifying in a courtroom before everyone, which is why roughly 2% of such cases reach a jury trial. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you can choose to take your case to trial or reach a settlement. Victims will likely agree if the monetary value is sufficient to cover costs relating to medical bills, personal pain and suffering, and loss of income. However, according to the circumstances, attorneys may advise their clients as they see fit.

5. Most Slip-and-Fall Accidents Can be Avoided

One of the reasons why people pursue such determined legal action against businesses in Nevada is that most slip-and-fall accidents can be avoided. So, business owners could have prevented the accident by putting up the necessary warning signs around their establishments. For example, they can caution visitors of tripping hazards, such as wet floors and uneven surfaces. Nevada laws make it clear that businesses have a legal responsibility to keep their property safe and secure to prevent any life-changing accidents from occurring.

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Slip and fall accidents can lead to mild or severe injuries. These injuries can result in medical expenses and other bills. The affected parties can file a lawsuit against the negligent business owners for compensation to cover these costs.

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