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5 Types of Brain Injuries Caused By Truck Accidents

Nevada is one of the most important states for truckers in the US due to the constant demand for commercial goods and products, especially in urban cities like Las Vegas. Despite being largely a rural state, the NHTSA reports an average of 11.24 deaths from truck accidents every year, which is above the national average of 10.92.

Fortunately, the majority of truck accidents in Nevada aren’t fatal. However, because of the much larger size of most truck types (box, semi-trailer, flatbed, etc.), truck accidents often result in more serious types of head and brain injuries. As a result, victims usually require long-term medical care. Depending on the circumstances, they may not be able to return to work or their usual activities.

Hence, Nevada truck accident attornies play a crucial role in helping victims seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the five most common types of brain injuries caused by truck accidents in the Silver State.

The Most Common Types of Post-Truck Accident Brain Injuries

1. Concussion

Concussions are among the most common minor brain injuries caused by sudden impact, momentum shift, and movement changes during an accident. Most victims usually lose consciousness and feel dizzy or confused when they wake up. Even though concussions are not the most serious type of brain injury, they still require medical attention. Otherwise, they can lead to permanent damage.

2. Brain Herniation

Brain herniation occurs when the sudden impact of a truck accident causes the brain to swell and bleed. It also forces the brain tissue to compress or move out of place due to the excess pressure buildup. Delayed treatment can result in strokes or even death, making brain herniation one of the most dangerous brain injuries.

3. Contusions

A contusion is a special word used to describe brain bruises due to the complications involved in treatment. It’s extremely painful and can cause the brain to swell as well. Moreover, it may require multiple surgical procedures to remove depending on the circumstances. Even after treatment, you could risk other issues, such as blood clots, memory loss, cognitive changes, and speech problems.

Hence, hiring a Nevada brain injury lawyer for contusion claims is highly recommended to ensure damage compensation.            

4. Object Penetration

Most vehicle accidents involve objects flying at high velocities following impact. These objects, especially sharp ones, could easily penetrate your skull and brain, resulting in heavy blood loss, fractures, herniation, and even death. Removing the object may involve high-risk surgical procedures with the possibility of long-term damage.

5. Acquired Brain Injuries

Also referred to as indirect brain injuries, acquired brain injuries occur when the impact of a truck accident causes severe injuries that lead to conditions affecting the brain, including blood loss, throat damage, and broken ribs. All these bodily injuries can impact the blood and air supply to the brain and cause different types of damage.

Contact a Nevada Truck Accident and Brain Injury Lawyer Right Away

If you’ve suffered any brain injury following a truck accident in Nevada, you need to contact an experienced truck accident and/or brain injury lawyer to explore your legal options and fight for maximum compensation.

Bourassa Law Group has a highly capable team of lawyers specializing in truck accident and brain injury claims. So, you can rest assured we’ve got the expertise and experience to take care of all the legal procedures while you recover from your injuries.

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