5 Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

Car crashes can cause severe damage and injuries to the people involved. While every accident is different, they are a high chance of brain injuries in each of them. The brain can sustain many injuries due to the force of the collision and cause lasting problems.

Serious car accidents increase the likelihood of traumatic brain injuries. In these cases, you can seek compensation for the injuries and damages sustained in the accident by filing a claim. Our experienced car accident lawyers can help you or your loved one get the maximum damage to cover medical expenses, loss of wages, and other financial and mental damages you sustained. Traumatic brain injuries can significantly impact the life of any individual. Here are 5 types of traumatic brain injuries caused by car accidents:

1. Skull Fracture

You might sustain a skull fracture if your head is hit hard enough. This traumatic brain injury also causes other brain injuries, like concussions and contusions. The symptoms include bruising on the head, bleeding from the nose or ears, and swelling in the affected area.

2. Concussion

The most common traumatic brain injury from a car accident is a concussion, which also results in unconsciousness. Concussion also may cause less severe symptoms, like confusion and dizziness. Not getting immediate medical attention can result in permanent or severe damage.  

3. Brain Contusion

A brain contusion is a type of bruising in your brain as a result of a violent jolt or blows to the head, which usually occurs in a car accident. While some contusions heal, others result in severe outcomes, like bleeding and blood clots in the brain. The symptoms are typically the same as that of a concussion.

4. Diffuse Axonal

Diffuse axonal is when there is a tear in the brain structures because of sudden head rotation. This is a severe type of concussion that can cause symptoms like collapse, memory loss, migraines, severe headaches, and seizures.

5. Acquired Brain Injury

This is also referred to as secondary brain injury and may be caused even without any impact on the head. Acquired brain injury happens when any injury or disease in the body prevents sufficient oxygen to your brain.

Consult a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries are serious and can have a lasting impact on your life. If you or your loved one has sustained traumatic brain injuries in a car accident, you have the right to file a claim to recover damages in Nevada.

The personal injury lawyers at the Bourassa Law Group are aware of the impact traumatic brain injuries can have on the victim and their families. Our car accident lawyers in Las Vegas can build a strong case on your behalf and represent you in and out of court to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation for the injuries and damages you endured.

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