7 Things You Should Never Do After A Cycling Accident

Cycling accidents in Nevada are, unfortunately, very common. In Las Vegas alone, there were over 438 injuries and eight fatalities every year. This figure only represents the number of reported bicycle accidents. Many of these aren’t reported, either.

There is no denying that bicycle accidents can have devastating effects on the victims and their families. In Nevada, bicycle riders are especially vulnerable to injury due to the state’s large number of traffic collisions involving bicycles.

Bicyclists must understand their rights and the personal injury law in these situations. This article will provide an overview of what you should NOT do after a bicycle accident to ensure a quick recovery and a better personal injury claim in Nevada.

1. Don’t Negotiate, Even If The Other Person Accepts The Blame

Negotiating may seem like the best way to resolve a conflict, but it can often lead to further animosity and bitterness. Even if the other person accepts the blame for something, it is important to remember that negotiation is not always the best solution.

Instead, it is important to focus on waiting for your legal representative to find a resolution in your favor and move forward productively. Instead, you should focus on your own health, not the negotiation. Seek medical attention instead of dealing with the individual at fault or their insurance adjuster.

2. Do Not Accept Blame, No Matter What

Taking responsibility for our actions is part of life. But when it comes to blame, it’s important to know when to draw the line. Whether you were wrong or the other party is simply throwing blame after a bicycle accident in Nevada, accepting blame has its risks.

That’s why it’s crucial to understand how and when to say no and take control of the situation by refusing to accept blame for something you didn’t do. If things get out of hand, call your personal injury lawyer immediately and have them discuss the issue with the other party.

3. Do Not Run Away, Even If You Are In The Wrong

Running away from a situation where you are wrong is never the answer. Instead, it is important to stay at sight to avoid a hit and run. This doesn’t mean you should stay put even if an ambulance arrives, though – just that you shouldn’t deliberately run away.

Once your lawyer gets involved, we can help you move forward with more confidence and grace, ensuring that you are not to blame for a felony.

4. Do Not Threaten Or Harm The Other Party Or Their Property  

Threatening or harming another person or their property is never acceptable behavior – even if they are to blame for the bicycle accident in Nevada. Not only is it illegal, but it can also have far-reaching consequences that can negatively impact your life and reputation. You may end up having to pay damages as a result.

It is important to remember that any threats or harm will not help solve any problem and should be avoided at all costs.

5. Do Not Let The Other Party Leave Without Getting Their Information

Gathering the necessary information is key to success in any lawsuit and will help you get damages quicker. While it may be tempting to let the other party leave without getting their information and nip the matter, doing so can lead to missed opportunities and connections.

Taking the time to get the other party’s contact information is essential for a quicker resolution. Otherwise, it may take a while for your lawyer or the authorities to find the individual at fault.

6. But Do Not Start A Fight Just To Keep Them Till The Police Arrive Either

In a potentially dangerous situation, it’s important to stay safe and avoid physical confrontations. While it may be tempting to fight with the party at fault trying to leave, this can often make matters worse.

Instead, try to keep your distance and call the police for assistance if the other individual seems dismissive or offensive. Doing so can protect yourself and those around you without escalating the situation until the authorities or your lawyer arrive.

When you find yourself in a difficult legal situation, it’s important to seek out the help of a qualified legal advisor or a personal injury lawyer. Doing so can help protect your rights and ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your case.

With experienced professionals of the Bourassa Law Group at your side, you can be sure that your interests are represented and that any legal issues are handled with care at all times, no matter the extent of the bicycling accident in Nevada!

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