An Explanation Of Wrongful Death (And What To Do Next)

A wrongful death claim is when surviving family members bring a civil claim against a party who caused the death of a loved one.

When a loved one passes prematurely, whether it’s due to the reckless or negligent actions of another, it’s extremely painful; bringing the at-fault party to justice can provide solace and support for dependents.

When it comes to wrongful death, our attorneys in Colorado know exactly how to evaluate and put together a well-supported claim. Bourassa Law Group has a proud history of serving clients well so that they can get the justice they deserve for their dearly departed.

How We Build Our Case

Laws in Colorado concerning wrongful death are difficult to navigate, and for a layperson, nearly impossible.Who is entitled to bring a claim? Who can benefit from the proceeds of a claim? How is a claim brought? What is the deadline to bring a claim?

By carefully evaluating the events surrounding your family member’s death, wrongful death attorneys can help you navigate these questions, and compile the strongest case possible to get the best outcome possible under the circumstances 

Common causes of wrongful death include but aren’t limited to:

Vehicular Accidents

Car and truck accidents are caused by careless, reckless or impaired driving, or a part of the vehicle malfunctioning. Drivers are responsible for doing everything necessary to keep pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers around them safe. When a driver is inebriated or speeding, and that these actions lead to the death of another, a wrongful death claim may be brought.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors are under oath to do no harm, so if a doctor makes an irresponsible or badly informed call that leads to the death of the patient, then they can be liable.

Sometimes a bad outcome in medicine is unavoidable or justifiable if the doctor did everything they could. For a claim to be legitimate, a lawyer would find evidence that the appropriate standard of care was not met.

Defective Production

Toxic food products or other defective products can cause horrible accidents and death. Any company making such products has a responsibility to ensure that products are safe for use, and to prove that this responsibility was neglected, a lawyer would gather evidence of negligence on the part of the manufacturer.

Man with his hand on a coffin

Bourassa Law Group’s personal injury lawyers provide legal services in Colorado that come with sensitivity and empathy to client needs, which is why we do what we can to make your legal proceedings as easy and efficient as possible. Pursuing action might be the last thing you want to do following a bereavement, but we can ensure that your loved one is honored  and that their dependents are taken care of.

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