Are Ridesharing Companies Liable for Wrongful Death Accident Cases?

Nowadays, ridesharing companies have become a popular mode of transportation for many people in Nevada. These services provide easier and more affordable means of transportation to the masses. However, the drivers of these ridesharing companies may end up in an accident that can severely injure the customers or even result in fatalities.

The ridesharing companies can be held liable for a wrongful death accident case depending on the at-fault party. It is important to note that most of these companies are large and have legal representation.

Therefore, if you are planning to file a wrongful death case against them, it is vital to consult a professional Nevada wrongful death lawyer to help you recover damages.

Can You Sue Ridesharing Companies for Wrongful Death?

If the ridesharing company is found to be negligent in its duty of care, it can be liable for damages. Negligence may comprise failing to screen drivers, not providing adequate training, or neglecting to maintain its fleet of vehicles. However, to sue these companies, you must meet the following four legal requirements:

1. Duty of Care

The ridesharing company has a duty of care to its passengers and other drivers on the road. Therefore, the company must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of its riders and drivers.

2. Negligence

To prove negligence, you must show that the ridesharing company breached its duty of care. You need to present instances where the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted, or driving recklessly.

3. Causation

You must also show that the negligence of the ridesharing company caused the wrongful death accident. This can be proven through witness testimony, police reports, and medical records.

4. Damages

Finally, you must show you suffered damages from the wrongful death accident. This can include medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Wrongful Death Cases Statute of Limitations in Nevada

According to Nevada law, you must file a wrongful death claim against the ridesharing company within two years from the accident date. Once the time frame pass, you can no longer sue the company to recover damages.

Damages You Can Recover in Wrongful Death Claims  

Depending on the wrongful death accident, the dependents of the deceased can recover the following compensation:

  • Burial expenses
  • Emotional trauma
  • Funeral services 
  • Loss of companionship and guidance
  • Loss of the financial contributions by the deceased
  • Medical expenses while the deceased was getting treatments
  • Mental anguish and
  • Pain and suffering

However, proving negligence in wrongful death cases is essential to recovering these damages. Consulting a legal expert is vital in these cases.

Consult an Expert Wrongful Death Lawyer in Nevada

Losing a loved one due to the negligence of a ridesharing company is devastating. While it can’t bring back your loved one, filing a wrongful death claim in Nevada against the negligent ridesharing company can help bring your loved one justice and peace of mind.

At Bourassa Law Group, our Nevada wrongful death lawyers can help you during this challenging time by establishing a strong case against the negligent party. We can ensure the dependents of the deceased get compensation for the pain and suffering they endured due to this tragedy.

Give us a call at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation.

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