Beware All Cyclists — Stay On The Right Side Of Liability

Bicycles are a great eco-friendly way to move around, but don’t let them lull you into a false sense of security. Bicycle accidents can be just as dangerous as car accidents, even life-threatening or catastrophic. Since bicyclists lack the protection that cars offer, it’s an increased risk even if the speeds aren’t as high.

Not only this, but they’re also just as susceptible to causing accidents. While it’s a given that bicyclists should take all the precautions necessary to stay safe, law firms in Denver recommend that they keep in mind the necessary protocols to avoid endangering the people around them.

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Things To Avoid For Safety Purposes

Everyone on the road, including cyclists, is responsible for staying vigilant of themselves and the people around them. However, here are some ways to stay extra conscientious:


When cyclists are headed in a direction perpendicular to a car and attempting to cross, they can often find themselves in a blind spot, surprising the driver. This can lead to the car either halting abruptly, which could cause cars behind it to collide with it or give the driver whiplash. 

On the other hand, the car could hit the bicycle, causing harm to the driver, cyclist, and the cars behind. With vehicular accidents, the most minor disruption can lead to widespread damage. Many motor vehicle cases are caused by someone thinking they can speedily get ahead, but it’s always better to slow down and be wary of the vehicles and pedestrians around you.

Car Doors

Cyclists might be keeping a lookout for moving cars and people, but they often forget that in a parked car, doors could swing open. Passengers might have checked before opening their doors, but because cycles do move quite quickly, the gap of time they’re opening the door is enough for an accident to occur.

A cycle hitting an open car door could be as bad as the most serious car crash injuries.

Reversing Cars

When cars are reversing out of a parking spot or a driveway, their side vision can be obstructed. No matter how much they check their mirrors, they can miss something. As a bicyclist, you can stay safe by  knowing when you’re approaching areas that a car might back out of and slow down.

Man riding a bike down an empty street

In Denver, our bicycle accident lawyers recommend following safety practices and keeping in mind that the people around you aren’t necessarily as committed to staying safe.

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