Can You File a Burn Injury Claim?

According to the WHO, 180,000 deaths are caused because of burns each year. Needless to say, burn injuries are a global health concern and can have drastic consequences.

Did you know you can file a burn injury claim if your injury was caused because of someone else’s negligence? Here’s what you need to know.

What Causes Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries occur due to exposure to:

  • Fire
  • Heated objects
  • Boiling liquids
  • Electrical wiring
  • Chemicals
  • Malfunctioning equipment

A person may sustain burn injuries because of a car accident, explosion, chemical leak, electrical hazard, faulty products, or friction.

The Different Levels of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are categorized into three groups, depending on the nature and severity of the burn.

First-Degree Burns: These include the least severe burn injuries that only affect the top layer of the skin. They’re usually easier to treat and can be attended to via home remedies or first-aid. The person may experience pain, redness, and mild swelling at the site of injury.

Second Degree Burns: These are more severe as they affect the epidermis (top layer) and a part of the dermis (second layer). They’re also referred to as partial thickness burns. The person may experience skin thickening, swelling, redness, and blisters.

Third Degree Burns: These are the most serious types of burn injuries and are referred to as full thickness burns because they harm the epidermis and the entire dermis. The deeper tissue may get completely destroyed, requiring extensive medical attention.

Why Should You File a Claim for a Burn Injury?

Burn injury claims can be filed if somebody else is responsible for your injury. For instance, if you sustained a burn injury in a accident or a car crash caused by another motorist, you can file a personal injury claim for your burn. This can help you get the compensation you deserve to pay for your medical bills and treatment.

Burn injuries typically require prolonged medical treatment and care. Even first degree burns can result in unforeseen medical expenses. Filing an injury claim can help you recover the costs and make up for the loss of wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering..  You can get financial assistance for any surgeries, rehabilitation, therapeutic services, or long-term care you may need for your burn injuries.

This is especially effective for third degree burns, as they usually require skin grafts or other expensive treatments. Moreover, getting a serious burn injury can be quite traumatic and take a toll on your emotional and mental well-being. You can pay for your medical and therapy expenses with the costs recovered in a settlement.

Hire the Right Burn Injury Lawyer For Your Case

If you’ve sustained a burn injury due to another person’s negligence, our burn injury lawyers can help you claim the damages. The team at The Bourassa Law Group specializes in personal injury cases and offers free consultations.

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