Catastrophic Injuries in Las Vegas Nursing Homes: Protecting Vulnerable Residents

Did you know that 20% of all deaths in nursing homes and assisted living facilities result from slip and fall accidents? These facilities usually host senior citizens over 65 seeking a haven in their twilight years. Many individuals residing in these facilities typically suffer from age-related issues like arthritis, dementia, cardiovascular disease, etc. This makes them more susceptible to sustaining catastrophic injuries due to negligence by their caretakers.

If you or your loved one has been seriously injured in a Nevada nursing home or assisted living facility, hire a Las Vegas law firm to seek justice and maximum compensation for economic and non-economic damages.

In this post, we’ll share how a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer specializing in catastrophic injury cases protects vulnerable residents in senior living facilities.

Common Nursing Home Catastrophic Injuries in Las Vegas

Below are some of the most common catastrophic injuries nursing home residents sustain following accidents or other incidents:

1. Fractures

Fractures are common in nursing homes. Seniors naturally have decreased bone density and mobility, making them more vulnerable to serious issues like blood clots, excruciating pain, loss of independence, and prolonged surgical recovery.

2. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

TBIs usually occur due to slips and falls or other accidents in nursing homes. They typically result in long-lasting effects, including memory loss, mood changes, pain and suffering, and reduced quality of life. Extensive injuries may also lead to intensive care and surgeries.

3. Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are among the most catastrophic personal injuries in nursing homes. They generally occur due to slip and falls, improper handling, and physical assault. Most victims suffer from complications like respiratory issues, ulcers, and paralysis. Hence, treatment is usually expensive and long.

4. Bedsores

Bedsores usually arise due to prolonged immobility, poor nursing facilities, and negligence. These pressure ulcers damage tissue and cause life-threatening infections if left untreated. Moreover, treatment usually involves applying less pressure on the affected area, forcing residents to change their sleeping positions and habits.

5. Burns

Many fit seniors with relatively higher cognitive functioning usually live more independently in nursing homes. In many cases, nursing staff becomes negligent, thinking they can handle simple tasks, such as cooking meals, boiling liquids, or pressing their clothes. However, accidents involving hot liquids, malfunctioning equipment, and hot surfaces are quite common and generally result in severe burns, skin damage, and dangerous infections.

6. Medication Errors

Medication administration errors or poor monitoring can also cause catastrophic injuries, including severe allergic reactions, overdoses, brain hemorrhage, and neurological complications, leading to extensive care or surgical procedures.

How Las Vegas Law Firms and Personal Injury Lawyers Protect Vulnerable Residents in Nursing Homes

Las Vegas law firms like BLG play a crucial role in protecting vulnerable residents in assisted living facilities by advocating for their rights and filing catastrophic injury lawsuits for economic and non-economic damages caused by negligence, abuse, or other issues. If you’ve been a victim of fractures, ulcers, or other serious injuries, speak to an experienced Las Vegas Catastrophic injury lawyer immediately.

Here’s how these legal experts can protect you:

Las Vegas personal injury lawyers serving senior citizens and disabled individuals in nursing homes can help you understand and assert your legal rights following catastrophic injuries. They provide personalized legal counsel and help you take proper action as per Nevada and federal premises liability laws.

2. Investigation

Nursing liability lawyers Las Vegas conduct thorough investigations into catastrophic injuries in senior living facilities. They gather evidence through surveillance footage, medical reports, etc., interview witnesses, and seek guidance from experts to establish liability.

3. Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit Filing

When victims or their families visit a Las Vegas Law firm, attorneys educate them about their legal options and help file personal injury or premises liability lawsuits to hold nursing homes liable for the injuries. They file the paperwork in a local district court in Nevada and outline the damages, including (but not limited to) medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

4. Negotiation and Litigation

Attorneys engage in negotiations with the senior living facilities and their insurance providers to reach fair settlements. If negotiations fail, they can take the case to trial and present it in court, where a judge or jury decides the outcome.

5. Elder Abuse Awareness and Collaboration with Authorities

Apart from helping residents seek justice, many renowned Las Vegas law firms like BLG raise awareness about elder abuse and collaborate with state regulators, senior citizen organizations, and law enforcement agencies to investigate and address neglect or abuse in nursing homes. Their intervention can enable facilities to implement safety protocols and prevent future issues.

Contact a Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away!

The Bourassa Law Group is at the service of vulnerable senior citizens residing in nursing homes and their families. Our experienced Las Vegas injury attorneys specialize in catastrophic injury cases and have represented many senior clients in Nevada, helping them get the compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering.

So, contact our team at 800-870-8910 to speak with a catastrophic injury lawyer Las Vegas. We’ll discuss your case and plan the litigation accordingly.

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