Dog Bite Laws in Colorado: Understanding Liability and Compensation

In the picturesque city of Denver, Colorado, life is often characterized by its natural beauty, vibrant culture, and a deep appreciation for our four-legged friends. However, even in a city as serene as Denver, dog bite incidents can occur, leading to injuries, trauma, and a cascade of legal questions.

If you have suffered a dog bite in Colorado, it is essential to understand the intricacies of Colorado’s dog bite laws and the potential for compensation. In such situations, consulting a Denver, CO, injury lawyer or a Denver personal injury lawyer is crucial to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

Dog Bite Laws in Colorado

Colorado’s dog bite laws are codified under the Colorado Revised Statutes, specifically in Article 13 of Title 13, which deals with “Torts.” These laws outline the legal responsibilities of dog owners and the rights of dog bite victims. Understanding these laws is essential for anyone living in Denver, as they play a vital role in determining liability in such cases.

Strict Liability

In Colorado, dog bite laws follow the principle of strict liability. This means that dog owners are held responsible for any injuries their dogs inflict on others, regardless of whether the dog has a history of aggression or not. It is not necessary for the victim to prove that the owner was negligent in controlling their dog. As long as the victim was lawfully present in the location where the bite occurred, the owner can be held liable.

This strict liability extends to any injuries caused by a dog, including bites and injuries resulting from being knocked down or scratched by the dog. It’s important to note that this strict liability applies whether the dog bite occurs in a public place or on private property, such as the dog owner’s home.

The “One-Bite” Rule

Colorado also adheres to the “one-bite” rule, which implies that if a dog has previously shown aggressive behavior or bitten someone before, the owner may be subject to more severe legal consequences. In such cases, the owner may be aware of the dog’s propensity to bite, and this knowledge could lead to a stronger case against them. However, even if the dog has no prior history of aggression, strict liability still applies.

Comparative Negligence

While Colorado follows liability for cases of dog bites, there is a provision for comparative negligence. As per this, the victim’s compensation can decrease if they are found guilty of provoking action from the dog.

For instance, if the victim provoked the dog or trespassed on private property, their compensation might be reduced. Consulting a Denver, CO, injury lawyer can help you determine how this provision may apply to your case.

When you or a loved one is bitten by a dog in Denver, navigating the legal complexities of dog bite laws can be daunting. This is where the expertise of a Denver, CO, injury lawyer or a Denver personal injury lawyer comes into play. These legal professionals specialize in personal injury cases, including dog bites, and can be your trusted advocates throughout the legal process.

Here are some ways in which a Denver, CO, injury lawyer can assist you:

  1. Legal Guidance: An experienced injury lawyer can provide you with clear and comprehensive guidance on the dog bite laws in Colorado. They will assess the unique circumstances of your case and advise you on the best course of action.
  2. Investigation: Your lawyer will review all the evidence available to them to make a quick judgment.
  3. Negotiation: In many cases, a skilled Denver personal injury lawyer can negotiate with the dog owner’s insurance company to secure a fair settlement for your injuries. They will advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.
  4. Court Representation: Your lawyer will present your case to a judge and jury, aiming to secure the maximum compensation possible.

Compensation for Dog Bite Victims

Victims of dog bites in Denver may be entitled to various forms of compensation, depending on the severity of their injuries and the circumstances of the incident. Compensation may include:

  1. Medical Expenses: This covers the cost of medical treatment, including hospital bills, surgery, medication, and therapy related to dog bite injuries.
  2. Lost Wages: If the injuries from the dog bite result in missed work or a decreased ability to earn income, you may be entitled to compensation for your lost wages.
  3. Pain and Suffering: Victims may be eligible for compensation for physical pain, emotional distress, and trauma caused by the dog bite incident.
  4. Property Damage: In cases where personal property, such as clothing or personal items, is damaged during the dog bite incident, compensation may be sought.


In Denver, Colorado, understanding dog bite laws is crucial if you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog. The principles of strict liability, the “one-bite” rule, and comparative negligence play significant roles in determining liability and compensation in dog bite cases. Consulting a Denver, CO, injury lawyer or a Denver personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected.

If you’ve been a victim of a dog bite in Denver, don’t hesitate to seek legal representation. Your lawyer will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve, allowing you to focus on your recovery and move forward with your life. Remember, you don’t have to face the challenges of a dog bite case alone – a skilled Denver, CO, injury lawyer is ready to be your advocate and guide you through the legal journey.

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