Dog Bites: Finding Legal Solutions In Nevada The Right Way

Dogs make wonderful pets, and while humans have spent decades studying their behavior and how to curb aggression, they’re still animals. When a dog snaps and attacks someone, it can be extremely traumatic. A dog bite injury has the potential to result in serious bodily harm or even wrongful death.

Dog bite law is not statutory in Nevada, and as far as laws go, Bourassa Law Group can help you navigate them. This team has experience with personal injury cases in Las Vegas and has managed to bring justice to many deserving clients.

However, in the case of dog bite injuries in Nevada, it’s not nearly as simple as motor vehicle cases. Here’s how to make sure your chosen course of action is legally sound:

Does Your Claim Hold Water?

It’s not enough to have proof that you were bitten. In Las Vegas, whether you can hold someone responsible for a dog bite comes down to traditional negligence rules:  Was the dog owner negligent in handling their dog and did it lead to your dog bite?  Although Las Vegas and Clark County hasmunicipal ordinances placing certain responsibilities on owners, this does not always provide a clear answer. . If t, violating the law, and this h

It can also be helpful to know about the animal’s history, such as whether the dog owner has mishandled the animal or if the dog has ever bit anyone before. . 

Why You Should File A Claim

Personal injury lawyers are well aware that money can’t take away from trauma, especially in cases where serious bodily harm is sustained. However, a settlement can help you cover medical costs, and holding the negligent party responsible legally will create a legal record. This way, if the owner is less likely to repeat the mistake, the state will know of the dog’s behavioral problems.

How The Right Lawyer Makes A Difference

Good accident and injury attorneys will know how the laws apply to your case. Every case is different, and the counsel’s job is to make sure they do the due diligence and document all evidence. Make sure your representative can answer all your questions and has records ready.

It helps to find legal services in Nevada instead of hiring lawyers with experience gained elsewhere. Once you have lawyers you can trust, you should find yourself fully able to focus on your recovery, knowing that your team is pursuing cost-effective legal solutions.

If you’re unsure of how to choose, the better law firms in Las Vegas, Nevada offer free consultations with attorneys so that you know exactly what you’re choosing and who you’re working with.

Bourassa Law Group has this, and their team operates in several locations, so they’re familiar with how laws differ from state to state. Their team boasts truck accident attorneys and burn injury lawyers. If you’re looking for a skilled team of accident attorneys, click here to fill in the contact form.

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