Four Steps to Take After an Out-of-State Motorcycle Accident in Nevada?

Out-of-state accidents are becoming rather common as the internet steadily increases the incentive to travel. It is not uncommon for tourists not to be aware of a certain, sharp turn, a stop sign, or other road hazards in the new state, leading to an accident.

Nevada sees over 55 million tourists every year, more than half of which bring their own mode of transport. As a result, the number of out-of-state motorcycle accidents is also increasing. In case of an out-of-state motorcycle accident in Nevada, you will need to follow the laws and regulations of the state where the accident happened.

To ensure that you aren’t being taken advantage of, you must know your rights and responsibilities and have a reliable connection with whom you can call for advice. In this article, we will explain the steps you should take after an out-of-state motorcycle accident in Nevada and how personal injury lawyers from The Bourassa Law Group can help.

Step 1: Understanding the Injury Claim Process for Out-of-State Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, it is important to understand the injury claim process first. You should be aware of the no-fault law in Nevada, which means that the person who caused the accident will pay for the damages.

However, instead of hashing it out with each other, you must wait for the authorities to arrive before placing blame. If the other party is a local, they may overwhelm you, especially if you are with your family.

Step 2: If You Are Hurt, Head to A Nearby Hospital Right Away

While you wait, you should make sure that everyone is okay. If you or anyone else on the motorcycle is hurt, it is important to take action right away and seek medical help. Even if the injury seems minor, it is essential to head to a nearby hospital as soon as possible.

The medical professionals at the hospital will be able to assess your condition and provide you with the necessary treatment. Even out of state, many insurance providers will cover the cost of medical bills in Nevada.

It is also important to remember that any delay in seeking medical help could lead to more serious consequences in the future. Therefore, if you are hurt, make sure you go to a nearby hospital immediately for proper care and treatment.

Step 3: Report The Entire Incident To The Police

When the police arrive, ensure you help them understand what happened. However, do NOT admit guilt or make any statements that could hold you liable. That’s why it is also a good idea to call your insurance provider and your lawyer for advice – even if out of state.

While they may not be able to help you in person or come to your aid, they can advise you on your rights as a motorcycle rider – hence reducing your liability as much as possible.  

Step 4: Call The Bourassa Law Group Right Away

No matter where you are from, because of Nevada’s no-fault law, you need a local personal injury lawyer you help you understand the extent of liability or damages you can receive. Whether you have been injured or are okay after a motorcycle accident in Nevada, it is important to find the right representation.

An experienced personal injury lawyer from Bourassa Law Group will always be ready to come to your aid and ensure that you receive the compensation you are due and can be on your way to enjoying your trip as soon as possible!

Call us today to learn more about out-of-state liability in Nevada from a motorcycle accident or for immediate assistance.

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