Going To Court In Colorado — When It’s Right And When It’s Not

Are you wondering if your personal injury case will go to court? When you’re in an accident, the idea of pursuing a legal claim can feel like too much pressure, especially if it involves a courtroom. However, you’ll find that if your legal services are worth their salt, your case goes quite smoothly, with or without litigation.

Have a look at all the cases Bourassa Law Group has successfully settled for past clients. It’s important to find a law firm in Colorado with the skills and resources to try your case and ensure that it doesn’t cause further stress. In many cases, the claimant is also the injured party. A good accident and injury attorney is aware of this. If you’re recovering from car accident injuries, they’ll be sensitive to this.

However, the question of whether your case will go to court is one that even an attorney or lawyer couldn’t answer for sure. Cases can change with time as new information surfaces, but at every stage, they’ll be able to identify the potential outcomes of both choices. Part of their job is to make sure that you’re fully aware of what each choice entails.

Mediation: Settling Out Of Court

In many personal injury cases, lawyers can settle outside of court through mediation. This means that both parties sit down, with their respective counsels present, and work out cost-effective legal solutions that both groups are willing to sign off on. This can only be done if both parties are willing to try meditating. In some cases, one party will refuse.

The benefit of settling through mediation is that it’s more peaceful than a drawn-out court case, while both sides can still say their piece. Another benefit is that it is an opportunity for a party to decide how to resolve your claim rather than leaving their fate in the hands of strangers who will sit on a jury.

Litigation: Going To Court

If you go to court after a failed mediation, or right off the bat, then there’s a chance that during the case, one party will opt to settle. This means they’ll agree to pay a sum of money so that the case is dropped. The settlement can only proceed if both parties sign off.

This is not always the case. Both sides will present their case, and the claimant might state that the accident was caused due to the defendant’s negligence, while the defendant might state that they did everything in their power to prevent the accident. Several possible arguments could be put forward to a judge, and they will ultimately make a ruling.

Personal injury attorneys will gather evidence beforehand, as well as documentation of the damages, to corroborate their client’s story. However, at the end of a trial, one side will win, and one side will lose. The only way to be sure of the outcome you receive is to resolve your claims before trial.

How Does One Choose?

As the claimant, it’s entirely up to you how to proceed, but it’s generally agreed that mediation, where possible, is more sensible because it’s not as costly as litigation.

The team at Bourassa Law Group is highly skilled and knows exactly how to put the client first. With legal services as expert as theirs, clients can rest assured that their cases are in good hands. With several positive client reviews, they have slip-and-fall lawyers, brain injury lawyers, and wrongful death attorneys in  Denver, Colorado. If you’d like to work with a lawyer on your injury claim, click here to fill in the contact form.

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