Hiring A Lawyer For Injuries Caused By Defective Products

If a faulty product or incorrect/missing product label in Las Vegas, Nevada leads to a personal injury, contact The Bourassa Law Group immediately to seek compensation for lost wages, illness, injuries, and other losses. Manufacturers and companies are responsible for producing safe products and hiding any potential hazards from consumers under Nevada’s product liability law.

Think you have a case here? Ensure the desired outcomes by finding the right legal services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Never-Ending List of Defective Products

If you’re delaying hiring legal representation because you think a defective product doesn’t fall under the list of qualifying products, you have nothing to hesitate about. 

You can seek damages as long as it’s directly tied to your losses. In other words, you can take anything, from vehicles to pharmaceutical drugs to skincare products, to court.

Nevada is a strict liability state, meaning it doesn’t require plaintiffs to prove negligence. You only have to prove that the product was defective, used in a reasonable manner, and was the cause of your effect despite following the instructions.

Pick Your Claim Wisely

Knowing how to frame your lawsuit can help you decide which lawyer or law firm to hire. Firstly, your claim should fall under at least one of the following product liability claims:

● Design Flaws

Harmful design flaws can be taken to court. Product liability claims due to design flaws aren’t as common because they indicate an intrinsic flaw in the design and must be all-encompassing instead of specific to batches.

● Production Flaws

A particular batch or batches of a product may not follow the design due to some manufacturing flaws. If these flaws were somehow damaging or fatal to you or someone you know, you could file a defective product claim.

Case in point: the explosive saga of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It was at the center of a widespread controversy, remains banned on planes and airports to this day, and was at the center of many lawsuits.

● Insufficient Hazard Warnings

Potential hazard warnings are like disclaimer policies for products. If a product hasn’t mentioned the hazard or side effect you experienced on the label, you can take them to court for inadequate notification.

Filing the Right Lawsuit

Once you know your product claim, the next step is to file the right lawsuit, which requires a lawyer’s input.

Product claims are usually created under personal injury, in which the plaintiff is treated as an individual. However, mass torts and class actions are filed by a group of individuals and differ in the distribution of compensation.

Find Your Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas, NV

Our personal injury case lawyers have helped clients file defective product claims, sought economic and non-economic damages, and reached desired settlements and verdicts, especially when the faulty product resulted in a physically and mentally distressing accident.

Contact us if you wish to file a personal injury claim due to a faulty product in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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