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How Do Pedestrians Get Injured?

Pedestrian injury cases have become more common, despite strict traffic guidelines. More than 6,500 pedestrian deaths were reported in 2020. Moreover, the first half of 2021 saw nearly 3,000 pedestrian fatalities.

While not all pedestrian accidents are fatal, they often lead to severe injuries. They’re also often entirely preventable.

Here are a few common pedestrian injury causes you should know about.

Bad Weather

Bad weather isn’t good for anybody on the road, whether you’re inside a vehicle or on your feet. Pedestrians are likely to get injured if the roads are slippery because of rain, dew, snow, or ice. Hazy weather can also impair their vision, making them more likely to get injured while walking on the road.

Poor weather also affects motorists and can cause skidding, consequently injuring pedestrians.

Wearing Dark Clothes at Night

This may sound bizarre, but wearing dark clothes at night can increase your chances of getting injured. Dark clothing makes it difficult for motorists to spot pedestrians, especially on deserted or poorly lit roads. As a result, they may accidently hit a pedestrian, injuring them.

While this is still the driver’s fault, you can minimize the chances of such accidents by wearing light colored clothing at night to make yourself more visible. If you’re dressed in dark clothing, carry a pocket flashlight that you can use when crossing the road. You should also try to walk in well-illuminated spots to maximize visibility.

Rash Driving by Motorists

Perhaps the biggest cause of pedestrian accidents is poor driving exhibited by motorists. Distracted driving is a leading factor in causing traffic accidents, putting pedestrians and other drivers at risk. Using a cell phone while driving or being otherwise distracted can cause a serious car accident.

Similarly, poor driving is also caused because of the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drivers who drive while intoxicated are likely to cause car accidents because of poor coordination, vision, and control, seriously injuring pedestrians in the process.  

Finally, making poor driving decisions, such as making the wrong turns or speeding also contribute to pedestrian accidents. For instance, a motorist may injure you by ignoring the crosswalk signal, changing lanes suddenly and without warning, or by simply ignoring traffic rules and driving recklessly.

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