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How Nevada Lawyers Investigate Drowning Accident Deaths

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children, and it is a tragedy that can devastate entire families. When a family loses a loved one due to negligence, they may want to explore their legal options. In this post, we’ll explain how Nevada lawyers investigate drowning accident deaths and what steps you can take if you believe someone else’s negligence caused your loved one’s death.  

Investigating Drowning Accident Deaths in Nevada

Personal injury lawyers and other legal professionals around Nevada are investigating the growing issue of drowning accidents in the state. According to research, drowning tops the list of accidental deaths for children under 14 and is second to car accidents for those between 15 and 24.

To prevent these heartbreaking losses, it is important to understand why, when, and how such incidents occur. Therefore, building a better understanding of water safety measures can save lives. Personal injury attorneys are committed to understanding this issue to help ensure Nevada remains safe from drowning hazards.

Steps Involved in an Investigation

The first step in the investigation process is determining who was responsible for the accident. A lawyer will review any police reports associated with the incident and interview witnesses present during the accident. If there were any surveillance cameras in the area, these would also be reviewed as part of the investigation.

Besides collecting evidence, Nevada lawyers need to establish negligence on behalf of another party. This means that a lawyer must establish proof that another person acted negligently or recklessly and that this negligence directly led to the drowning accident death. This could be like failing to provide adequate supervision at a pool or beach, securing a pool gate properly, or not providing necessary safety equipment, such as life jackets or flotation devices.

The Role of Expert Witnesses

Sometimes, an expert witness might be necessary to help strengthen a client’s case. An expert witness can provide testimony based on their knowledge and experience related to swimming pools, beaches, water safety regulations, etc., which can help establish liability on behalf of another party.

Expert witnesses are often used in swimming pool cases because they can provide insight into how swimming pool design affects safety and how liability should be assigned when accidents occur due to unsafe design features or inadequate maintenance procedures.

Reach Out to Bourassa Law Group for Personal Injury Claims

No matter what type of drowning accident has occurred, it’s important for families affected by such tragedies to understand their legal rights and options for pursuing justice on behalf of their lost loved ones.

With experienced Nevada lawyers at the Bourassa Law Group, you can build an effective legal strategy designed to bring justice and closure to everyone involved in the case. By gathering evidence and speaking with experts about any potential negligence in the accident, you may have grounds for pursuing financial compensation from those responsible for causing your loved one’s untimely death. Your personal injury lawyer will take care of everything and fight to get you fair compensation for your damage.

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