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How Social Media Can Affect the Outcome of Wrongful Death Cases in Nevada

Losing someone due to someone’s negligence is a tragic and devastating experience. It can take a long time for the loved ones to heal from such a loss. Fortunately, you can still take measures to get justice for your loved one by filing a wrongful death case against the negligent party.

However, it is essential to note that the social media posts you make after losing your loved one to share your grief can be used in court against you. If you want justice and recover compensation for your loss, you must be mindful of what you share on social media.  

Are Social Media Posts Admissible in Wrongful Death Cases in Nevada?

All trials in this state have to follow the Nevada Rules of Evidence, which states that anything an individual says out of court can’t be admissible in the trial. Such statements are usually considered to be inadmissible hearsay.

However, it is important to note that there is an exception for all statements made by the involved parties. If you file a wrongful death claim, the statements you make even outside of the court could be used against you and is admissible in court. These statements include the posts you make on social media.

Ways Social Media Can Impact a Wrongful Death Case Outcome

A social media post can negatively impact your wrongful death case in multiple ways. The most damaging posts in a wrongful death case are sharing pictures of yourself enjoying life or lighthearted posts. Such posts can damage your wrongful death claim and make it challenging for your lawyer to recover damages.

The opposing party can present an argument that posts like these indicate that you weren’t affected by the loss of your loved one and shouldn’t be compensated for the grief.

Everyone grieves differently. While you might be posting lighthearted posts to distract yourself, these can be used as ‘evidence’ to reduce or completely discard the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Reasons Privacy Settings Might Not Work

Even when you set your account settings to private, there is still a chance of your post being used in the case. It is important to note that laws constantly change regarding advanced technologies. While the privacy settings might protect your posts, an exception could be granted to access those posts in your case. Therefore, it is always wise to avoid posting anything on your social media unless approved by your wrongful death lawyer.

Contact an Experienced Nevada Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have filed a wrongful death claim in Nevada, consulting an experienced lawyer before posting anything on social media is highly recommended. The expert wrongful death lawyers at Bourassa Law Group can help guide you about what to post and what not to post to avoid negatively impacting the case outcome.

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