Legalities To Consider Before Becoming A Rideshare Driver

Ridesharing has become a popular means of transportation for many people, and for a good reason. It’s convenient, affordable, and provides flexible work opportunities for drivers. However, before becoming a rideshare driver, it’s important to understand the legal implications of the job. Understanding the legal landscape of ridesharing is the only way to stay protected and informed. In this blog, Bourassa Law Group personal injury lawyers explain what the legal implications are for rideshare drivers.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

One legal implication rideshare drivers must focus on is insurance coverage. Rideshare companies generally provide insurance coverage for their drivers, but it’s important to check what the policy covers and what gaps may exist. Moreover, personal insurance policies may not cover commercial activities like driving for a rideshare company.

Tax Laws

Rideshare drivers are considered independent contractors, not employees, and are responsible for paying their own taxes, including self-employment taxes which currently has a 15.3% tax rate. They may also be required to obtain a business license and to keep records of their rideshare income and expenses.

Labor Laws

Similarly, labor laws for independent contractors can also vary. Rideshare drivers may be protected by certain labor laws, such as minimum wage and overtime laws, but the extent of these protections can vary depending on the jurisdiction. For instance, in Nevada, independent contractors can’t file a claim for wages unpaid when due.

Discrimination & Harassment Cases

Legal implications for rideshare drivers also include discrimination and harassment. Rideshare companies are required to have policies and procedures in place to address issues regarding discrimination and harassment and to provide a safe and respectful environment for their drivers and passengers.

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