Medical Liens — The What, Why, And When, By a Law Firm In Las Vegas

If you’ve sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligence, then you have a right to seek a settlement from the party at fault. To do this, you need to find a law firm in Las Vegas, Nevada that has the resources you need and specializes in personal injury cases. However, as the injured party, your first responsibility is ensuring you receive the right medical treatment.

This is something that accident and injury attorneys can help with. Part of the purpose of legal action is cost-effective legal solutions: your settlement should cover all medical expenses. Then again, if you’ve sustained car crash injuries, you shouldn’t be waiting for the payout to see a doctor.

Bourassa Law Group employs personal injury attorneys who are sensitive to your needs and always put your needs first, as seen from their many victories. If the right medical attention isn’t available to you, they can help you manage your injuries until the case is settled.

What Is Medical Lien?

Even if the defendant is clearly responsible for the accident, even minor injuries should be treated as the priority. Of course, the first choice would be to go through your health insurance provider or pay out of pocket, but sometimes it is difficult to pay for deductibles, copays or other out-of-pocket expenses you were not expecting. When that happens, a medical lien is an answer.

This is when a doctor signs a contract agreeing to provide you with free treatment on the basis that when you do receive compensation, their fee will be paid in full. This means that the cost of the medical treatment will be subtracted from the money you recover before the money comes to you.

How Do You Get Medical Services On Credit?

A doctor has to agree to sign the contract, and while not all practitioners will be willing to work for free, your personal injury lawyer may be aware of some who have a history of agreeing. Unless you can find a doctor on your own, it’s best to ask your legal team for recommendations.

What If The Case Is Lost?

No matter how skilled your legal services are, there’s never any guarantee of how a case will play out. The problem here is that if the case doesn’t rule in the plaintiff’s favor, then the doctor won’t be receiving their fee. This makes it the patient’s responsibility to pay for treatment.

However, a doctor signs a lien contract knowing this is a possibility, so they’re likely to accept payment in installments or offer a discount. That’s why a lien is reserved as a last resort.

At Bourassa Law Group, you’ll find accident attorneys who work hard to make sure that you’re able to focus on your recovery as they handle the rest. Their team boasts wrongful death lawyers,  estate planning attorneys, and bicycle accident lawyers. If you’re trying to find an attorney or lawyer in NV with a penchant for success, click here.

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