Meningioma After a Brain Injury Caused by a Car Accident

Car accidents leave over 100 people dead and thousands injured every day in the US. Several of them sustain traumatic brain injuries. Some die shortly afterward, many successfully recover, and several others develop long-term complications and health issues.

One of the health complications some people may subsequently develop after suffering a brain injury in a car crash is meningioma. Let’s learn what that is and what legal options you may have if you or a loved one develops the condition following a car accident.

What Is Meningioma?

Meningioma is a tumor of the central nervous system. It forms in the tissues/membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord, called meninges, making it the most common type of primary brain tumor. According to John Hopkins Medicine, about 30% of all brain tumors are meningiomas.

Can You Develop Meningioma Due to a Car Accident?

Meningioma is a slow-growing tumor and can exist silently for years before being identified, making it difficult to pinpoint its exact cause. However, considering that trauma is one of its known potential causes, healthcare experts believe that the trauma from brain injuries sustained in serious car crashes may lead to it as well. The chances are low, but the risk is there, and so is the law to ensure patients can get the required treatment.

What to Do If You Develop Meningioma After a Car Accident in Nevada?

Serious vehicle crashes and collisions can cause blunt-force trauma to the brain that might lead to meningiomas. Proving it in the court, however, can be challenging. The primary reason is the late diagnosis of the tumor in many cases. Hiring a lawyer can help!

If you are diagnosed with meningioma that’s likely developed due to the brain injury or trauma you suffered in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence or misconduct, you can file a liability claim. Our experienced brain injury lawyers can help prepare a strong case supported by medical evidence to help you receive your fair share of legal compensation for treatment and other losses. Contact us to file a lawsuit with one of our Nevada personal injury lawyers experienced in dealing with car accident brain injury cases.

Remember, Nevada law allows you to file a lawsuit and demand compensation for your medical treatment and other damages/losses in car accidents caused by someone else’s fault. And we do everything we can to ensure you get a fair share. Meningioma diagnosis is traumatic for both patients and their families. Helping you get financial coverage for your treatment and sustenance is the least we can do during this difficult time. Dial 1-800-870-8910 today to book a free legal consultation with us!

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