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Nevada Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

Slip and fall accidents are unfortunately common across the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control one in five falls results in a serious injury, and in 2016 alone, 9.2 million people required emergency medical care after a fall.

Falls occur for a number of different reasons, but one of the most common is a slip and fall accident. This type of fall often occurs when property owners or managers do not perform required maintenance or do not follow safety regulations, which are essential for making their property safe. When another person’s actions cause you to slip and fall, they should be the ones responsible for medical and rehabilitation expenses, as well as lost income, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

Building a slip and fall accident lawsuit is the best way to get justice after a fall and receive the most possible compensation for your accident. Contact the Nevada slip and fall accident lawyers at The Bourassa Law Group at (702) 851-2180 for a free consultation today.

Why You Need a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Proving that another person’s negligence or carelessness caused your slip and all accident is a difficult task. As the person filing the lawsuit, you are the one required to find evidence and support for your claim of their liability. Without the right amount and type of evidence, you cannot build a strong legal case and your lawsuit will not provide you with the compensation that you need.

In order to gather the correct evidence after a slip and fall, you need a comprehensive understanding of personal injury law and the duties that a property owner must perform to keep their property safe. Additionally, you will need access to evidence to show how the property owner was negligent.

That’s why you should hire a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after you’ve had a slip and fall accident. Personal injury lawyers spend years studying the law, to give their clients the best possible chance of a successful outcome. A slip and fall accident lawyer can clearly explain your rights and build a very strong case on your behalf, using their expertise and their experience.

Additionally, a personal injury lawyer understands the evidence you need to prove liability after a slip and fall accident. They will gather the necessary information and proof for your case, which will offer you the best possible outcome.

After a serious injury from a slip and fall accident, you need compensation to help you manage the physical and financial impact of this accident. You cannot afford to enter into a slip and all lawsuit without a lawyer, who will guide you through every step of this process.

Why Choose The Bourassa Law Group?

The legal team at The Bourassa Law Group has many years of experience working with clients in Nevada after a slip and fall accident. Our slip and fall lawyers have helped many people receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation after a serious injury using innovative and effective legal strategies.

The Bourassa Law Group understands the importance of proof in creating your case, and we will use our extensive resources to gather the evidence necessary to prove liability. We routinely work with medical professionals, researchers, and investigators to provide a well-rounded view of your accident, gaining information that you may not otherwise have access to.

Furthermore, The Bourassa Law Group understands the financial difficulty you experience after a slip and fall accident, and we believe that you should not sacrifice your legal rights because of monetary concerns. For this reason, we offer each of our clients a free initial consultation on their case, and we guarantee that you will not pay us until you receive compensation for your case.

We are prepared to put our expertise to work for you, to build your case and support your needs during this difficult time. Call us now at (702) 851-2180 so we can go to work for you.

Understanding Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents primarily occur in two different scenarios: a flat-surface slip and fall or an elevated-surface slip and fall. A flat-surface slip and fall accident refers to an accident that occurs on a surface with no elevations, such as on a sidewalk, driveway, or level flooring. On the other hand, an elevated-surface slip and fall accident occurs when a person falls down from or off of an elevated surface, such as stairs, hills, or another type of incline.

In a flat-surface slip and fall, you will only fall the distance of your height from the floor. Falling from an elevated surface, you may fall significantly further, depending on the height from which you fall. Typically, elevated-surface slip and falls cause more intense injuries and pain because of the additional force on the body when you fall from a greater height.

Nevertheless, any type of fall may cause serious injuries, especially if you fall on sensitive portions of your body, such as your head, neck, or back. Some people, such as children, the elderly, or some individuals with pre-existing medical conditions, are more likely to sustain severe injuries from a slip and fall because of weak bones or other body structures.

A slip and fall accident can have serious consequences, no matter the height of the fall or the person involved. Property owners and managers must be aware of the dangers of this type of accident and take appropriate measures to keep visitors or employees on their property safe and healthy.

Common Injuries from a Slip and Fall

The specific details of a slip and fall accident will determine the type and severity of the injuries you or your loved one sustains. Injuries may range from relatively minimal to serious to life-threatening. Although it is rare, slip and fall accidents can result in death due to particularly severe falls, falls from great heights, or serious complications from injuries after a fall.

Some of the more common injuries that you may experience as the result of a slip and fall accident may include, but are not limited to:

  • Cuts, scrapes, or lacerations
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Muscle sprains or strains
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Neck or spinal cord injuries

You must take any injury that you or a loved one experiences in a slip and fall accident seriously. Getting immediate and appropriate medical intervention and rehabilitation services are essential to avoid lasting pain or complications after the fall.

However, these medical services can be expensive and time-consuming, potentially taking a toll on your ability to work and protect your other financial interests. You should never have to forfeit necessary medical care after a serious slip and fall accident because of the expense of operations or treatment.

If another person’s negligence or carelessness resulted in your slip and fall accident, you may be able to hold this person responsible for paying damages for the losses you have suffered.

Most Common Locations where Slip and Fall Accidents Occur

Some locations are understandably more dangerous than others because of the age of the structure, the type of activities that occur there, and likely hazards that you may encounter. Examples of potentially dangerous locations may include construction sites, highways, or workplaces with heavy machinery. These locations are often more likely to have a higher frequency of slip and fall accidents because of the greater number of inherent risks.

Nevertheless, places that have a higher number of risks associated with them also require increased safety precautions to keep people safe. If a property owner or manager fails to follow these safety requirements, they may put workers or visitors at risk of a serious slip and fall accident.

However, any building or space, whether inherent dangers are present or not, has certain safety standards that managers or owners must meet to ensure that their property is safe for individuals to enter. Any building or outdoor space that is not properly maintained or in which the responsible parties fail to follow necessary safety guidelines can pose a serious risk of slip and fall for visitors, clients, or employees.

Places where slip and fall accidents are most likely to occur include:

  • Public spaces, such as streets, sidewalks, and public parks
  • Parking lots with poor lighting, incorrect signage, or asphalt deterioration
  • Stairs and escalators, especially when wet or without proper handrails
  • Restaurants, grocery stores, or other commercial locations
  • Hotels or resorts
  • Private homes, both indoors and outdoors on the property
  • Job sites in a variety of different fields

Any of these locations may present different problems that can lead to a slip and fall accident, including uneven flooring, debris or obstacles in the path, or wet and slippery surfaces. Although sometimes it may be impossible to prevent a dangerous fall, some falls are preventable with the appropriate property maintenance or warning indicators. If a property owner or manager fails to notice or repair a serious safety concern that led to your slip and fall accident, they may be liable for your injuries.

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If you or a loved one were injured during a slip and fall accident, you have the right to fight back against the person who caused your fall. You should never be responsible for the financial expenses of a fall that resulted from another person’s negligence or carelessness.

The Nevada slip and fall lawyers at The Bourassa Law Group are ready to fight for you to make the property manager pay for their actions and the harm they caused. Contact The Bourassa Law Group today at (702) 851-2180 to begin work on your case.

Frequently asked questions

The legal definition of a personal injury is when someone’s failure to use reasonable care in a particular situation results in another person’s physical, emotional, or psychological injury. Personal injury cases often rely on the elements of negligence to prove the responsible party’s actions were the cause of the other party’s injuries.

The length of a personal injury case depends on the type of case and various factors, such as the severity of the injury sustained and the duration of necessary treatment. A car accident case might take six months to resolve, while a wrongful death lawsuit could take two years. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the case.

No. Whether you got hurt in a car accident or on someone else’s property, you should never speak with their liability insurance company about the claim. They try to save money whenever possible and could attempt to trick you into accepting a low settlement amount or intimidate you into dropping the case. Your Denver personal injury lawyer will handle all communication on your behalf.

It depends. A vast majority of personal injury cases settle out of court. When we file a claim with the insurance company, we’ll submit evidence that proves you deserve compensation for your injuries. Sometimes the insurer is willing to settle. Other times, they deny the claim or provide a settlement much lower than you deserve. Under those circumstances, we will file a lawsuit and take the case to court.

Mediation is a step during a lawsuit where both sides meet to try to reach an agreement. The mediator listens to the arguments on both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s sides and attempts to resolve the issue. If they can reach an agreement, they will settle out of court, and the case will get dismissed. If they can’t resolve the matter, the case will proceed to trial.

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