Personal Injury Cases In Las Vegas: How To Be Extra Cautious This Season

Sin City is one of the most popular winter destinations because of its relatively mild weather and the endless fun activities it offers. However, the number of personal injury cases reported in the city also increases during winter.

Here’s what you need to know about personal injury cases in Las Vegas.

Slip & Fall Injuries

The city may not get snowy winters, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get snow at all. The snowstorm that hit the valley in 2019 is a testament to that. However seldom or less snowfall Las Vegas may get, there are still high chances of slip and fall accidents during the winter season, contributing to the increasing number of personal injury cases.

Slip and fall injuries occur when property owners are negligent of the snow or ice on their properties and don’t take the necessary precautions to remove it. As a result, people visiting these properties are at the risk of getting injured while walking on the slippery surfaces. For instance, a business may be held accountable for slip and fall accidents that occur on its company premises if no or inadequate measures were taken for visitor safety.

Consulting a slip and fall injury lawyer can help you assess the damages and pursue legal action.

Safety tip: Wear proper footwear for better grip and gauge the slipperiness of a surface before attempting to cross it.  

Winter Sports Injuries

Winter brings its fair share of sports and athletic activities for Las Vegas residents to participate in. The skiing resorts in and near Vegas get dozens of tourists each year. Snowboarding is also a popular winter sport that residents frequently participate in. However, these exciting winter sports also contribute to a high number of injuries each year.

Skiing and snowboarding injuries don’t always qualify for personal injury claims since participants are engaged in high-risk sports. However, there are chances of the resort in question being held liable for negligence. For instance, a personal injury claim may be accepted if the activities were arranged without assessing the snowfall situation. Similarly, the resort may be held liable because of faulty equipment, safety measures, or technical errors.

Safety tip: Inspect your rental skiing and snowboarding gear before using it and keep an eye out for unfavorable weather conditions.

Vehicle Injuries

Winter is a busy season for tourists. Many people visit Las Vegas during the colder months, contributing to increased road traffic. This increases the chances of road accidents, especially during the holidays. Moreover, snowmobile accidents are also common during this season and can cause bodily harm to pedestrians and other drivers.

Injuries caused in road accidents due to somebody else’s negligence are deemed eligible for personal injury claims. Make sure you consult a car accident injury lawyer for your case.

Safety tip: Stay vigilant while driving or crossing the road and avoid high-traffic routes whenever possible.

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