Reasons To Avoid Speaking To A Liability Insurance Company Following An Accident

Reasons To Avoid Speaking To A Liability Insurance Company Following An Accident

Whether you’ve had a vehicular accident or a slip and fall, contacting your insurer is a responsible next step. However, it’s better to seek medical help and find a law firm with personal injury attorneys. Once you do that, your legal counsel will take it from there, and you get to focus on your recovery.

A car after an accident
A car after an accident

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As a prospective client, it’s integral to find legal services that are well-reputed. However, it’s also important to make sure you don’t do anything that’ll make it harder for your representatives to argue your case. Here are some of the problems that could arise if you make contact with a liability insurance company that isn’t your own:


Just as it’s a lawyer’s job to protect your best interests, it’s an insurance company’s job to protect their financial reserves. Regardless of the extent of the damage, it’s better for them and their clients, to avoid legal action. Furthermore, if you make contact, the staff member you speak with will have plenty of experience speaking to people following an accident and will know exactly what to say to make you consider dropping the case. They are also skilled in trying to get you to say things you don’t necessarily mean.

Car accident injuries can seem moderate, but things like concussions can lead to long-term care. Ideally, your lawyer will gather the proper documentation, assess the damages to property and your person, and then get in touch with the relevant insurers with irrefutable claims.

You Might Say Something That Contradicts Your Case

No matter how they occur, accidents are jarring. If you were to get in touch with an insurer, they’ll likely be documenting what you say. One of the functions of a personal injury attorney is that they’re able to use the evidence to determine fault. If you slipped and fell on someone else’s property, due to negligence, your attorney will identify what the liable party did or didn’t do to contribute to your injury. 

This will become the basis of your claim. However, if the opposing insurance company has documentation of you taking responsibility or making it sound like you took responsibility, this will become a counterargument. Remember, insurance companies have their own legal advisors who are practiced at finding gaps in legitimate allegations.

They’ll Sell You A Low Offer

In some cases, it’s near impossible to refute that a claimant deserves a settlement. For instance, motor vehicle cases that involve an impaired driver (driving under the influence). However, it’s still recommended to find an attorney or lawyer because the insurers might know better than to ask you to drop the case, but that won’t stop them from suggesting you settle.

In the case of an accident, settling would mean that you would be given an agreed-upon sum of money if you committed to halting legal action. This can work in some cases, where both parties prefer to keep matters out of court, but without counsel, you might accept an offer that doesn’t cover the costs incurred. We’ve even seen cases where insurance companies will tell you that they will give you an agreed-upon sum of money, but have you sign documents that say something different.

A gavel on a desk next to paperwork
A gavel on a desk next to paperwork

The team at Bourassa Law Group is trained to focus on meeting the client’s needs and creating solutions that ease difficult situations. Our lawyers in Colorado specialize in pedestrian accidents and have a history of obtaining just rulings for their clients. Their attorneys are available for a free consultation to help you safeguard your rights.

With a team of experienced and skilled asset protection attorneys and accident and injury attorneys, this law firm can help you find positive solutions that serve you in the long term. Call 702-851-2180 to get in touch.

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