Settlement vs. Trial in Wrongful Death Cases in Nevada

The emotional toll associated with the wrongful death of a loved one caused by someone else’s negligence is so immense, and seeking justice through a trial seems to be the fairest option to lessen at least a part of the burden. However, spending months preparing for the trial, gathering depositions, and submitting court filings costs money and can be overwhelming. Therefore, sometimes out-of-court settlements seem to be in the best interest of the decedent’s family. A Nevada wrongful death lawyer can help you get the fairest compensation.

However, knowing the pros and cons of both options is necessary to determine the best course of action in the event of the wrongful death of a loved one. Here’s a guide on settlement vs. trial in wrongful death cases in Nevada!

Settlement vs. Trial in Wrongful Death Cases in Nevada

Going on a Trial in Wrongful Death Cases in Nevada

It is important to remember that settlements can be made at any point during the litigation process. Therefore, the option of going for a trial is always worth keeping, even if the at-fault party prefers or expects an out-of-court settlement. In fact, many grieving families prefer to go to court for the other party to be found liable by law despite the emotional and economic costs the trial process involves.

First, the satisfaction or the feeling that justice is served leads many families to the trial route. The agony of losing a loved one due to someone’s fault causes many to file a wrongful death case. Secondly, sometimes, a wrongful death attorney can help the decedent’s family receive far more than the plaintiff would have offered in settlement.

However, a trial always carries risks. The litigation process may be dragged on for months or years with the defendant not found liable by the court, costing the family much more than the jury may have awarded the other party to pay for.

Thus, going for a trial may be the only course of action if the wrongdoer is not offering fair compensation or is unwilling to settle in good faith. But trials for wrongful death cases in Nevada carry the risk of an opposite outcome in favor of the defendant, leaving the victim’s family nothing at all. A Nevada personal injury attorney can help you determine whether going to court is in your best interest.

Settlements in Wrongful Death Cases in Nevada

Most of the wrongful death cases in Nevada end up in out-of-court settlements due to the time and money spent on civil court verdicts. Many families want their cases to be over as soon as possible. Plus, the risk of the defendant being declared unguilty by the court also leads many to take the settlement route. 

However, an out-of-court settlement does not mean you have to settle for an insufficient amount. Accompanying yourself with an experienced Nevada personal injury lawyer experienced in wrongful death cases can help you get the fairest compensation for all your financial losses, saving you money and time and maintaining the privacy of both parties. 

Going for a settlement without an attorney can be your biggest mistake. Without a wrongful death lawyer, you may end up accepting the initial settlement offered by the insurance company. In addition, it may take more work in private settlements to recover the damages and reach a negotiation. This is where the trial option seems better as the court acts as a neutral arbitrator resulting in a far better outcome than a settlement.

Let A Nevada Personal Injury Attorney Help You!

Both settlement and trial options in wrongful death cases have advantages and setbacks. Let a personal injury decide the right path to the fairest compensation.

If you’ve suffered a wrongful death of a loved one in Nevada, and want the at-fault party to pay for their wrongful act, contact Bourassa Law Group, a leading personal injury law firm in Nevada. The skilled attorneys at the Bourassa Law Group, experienced in dealing with wrongful death cases, will fight your case to get you the fairest compensation for your damage.

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