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The Legal Landscape of Ridesharing in Colorado

When it comes to ridesharing accidents, lawyers have navigated complex and untested parts of policy to build cases. Since ride-hailing apps are relatively new, laws designed to regulate it didn’t exist until recently.

Personal injury attorneys at Bourassa Law Group are glad to see that this January, Colorado became the very first state to develop legislature to accommodate ride-sharing, making car accident injury cases easier to navigate. In a personal injury case proving fault is one of the trickiest parts, and it’s only harder when policy doesn’t outline each party’s duty of care.

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Liability Insurance

These companies are now legally required to have liability insurance for a minimum of $1 million. While innovation and entrepreneurship are always embraced and supported, states cannot allow civilians to be put at risk, or experience the consequences of using an unregulated service.

If someone is injured by a rideshare accident, a lack of insurance could affect their chances of securing compensatory damages, especially if the driver is uninsured. A company-wide plan means that plaintiffs will be able to secure up to a million to ease the burden of medical bills and missed salaries.

A Commitment To Improvement

The introduction of this law comes with the acknowledgment of the fact that we live in an ever-innovating world, and therefore, the legislature must be as flexible and up-to-date if cost-effective legal solutions are to remain accessible. That’s why the Public Utilities Commission has been tasked with the observation of ride-sharing to ensure that the revised legislation is the right course of action. They’ll also be able to suggest changes where necessary.

Quality Assurance

Companies will also be held to a standardized level of vehicle and employee inspections. This means that if someone sustains car crash injuries in Colorado while in a rideshare, an accident and injury lawyer can hold the organization accountable for their negligence.

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