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Tips for Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer in Denver

It’s better to have an estate planning attorney prepare your last will or doing anything related to your estate requiring a basic knowledge of local laws. While law firms charge miscellaneous fees, some are inherently better than others because they offer free consultations.

Following these tips for hiring an estate planning lawyer in Denver will take you straight to The Bourassa Law Group.

Compile a List

There are around 70,000 attorneys and firms specializing in estate planning in the US, so you might want to shortlist your options, limiting them to:

  • Referrals from trusted sources. (Friends, family, financial advisors, accounts, etc.)
  • State bar associations.
  • Your local probate courts.

You can further shorten your list by taking out anyone who doesn’t have a great track record in Colorado’s estate law.

Speak to Your Options

Estate planning is a highly sophisticated process; you may not know whether you’re getting the best in the business unless you ask your options for the following:

  • Their experience in this specific field.
  • How to get in touch with the lawyer or their firm.
  • Ensure it’s not a one-time service.
  • Ensure you’ll receive updates on your estate plan.
  • How will they charge the fee, and do they have a retainer policy?
  • Ensure there aren’t any hidden costs to your final quote.
  • If you’ll work with one lawyer or several. (Exclusive to large law firms.)
  • If a paralegal or assistant will take over the communications after an initial meeting with the estate planning attorney, or if you will still have access to your attorney. (Exclusive to large law firms.)

Finally, seek an attorney who may be willing to posthumously represent you in probate court. Have someone who already knows the specifics of your estate who may be willing to litigate your case, if necessary,  instead of letting another lawyer take over the probate court proceedings.

Finalize the Most Capable Option on the List

The most capable option on your list should come recommended by their previous clients, charge a fee that’s not only within your budget but also broken down for your understanding, and is courteous enough to respond to your follow-up questions. Estate planning involves a lot of back and forth, so it’s important to see how they take it before hiring them to handle matters related to your estate.

Following the above tips will bring you to the Denver office of The Bourassa Law Group, a law firm with a team of attorneys specializing in various fields, including estate planning, car accidents, premises liability, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other areas where human life hangs in the balance.

Reach out today for a free consultation in Denver, Colorado.

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