Top 8 Questions to Ask a Bicycle Accident Witness in Nevada

Being involved in an accident can be alarming and result in a state of shock. While most people in a bicycle accident are able to take some pictures and exchange information, many people neglect to talk to the witnesses.

Most accident witnesses usually stop to get help or assist anyone injured and move on once the emergency services arrive. It is vital for you to reach out to them and ask a few questions that can greatly help with your personal injury claim later on.

Bicycle accident witnesses can provide valuable information that can be used in your claim to prove liability. It is vital to consult a personal injury lawyer in Nevada to help you build a strong case. Here are a few questions you should ask the accident witnesses that can allow your lawyer to recover the maximum compensation:

1. Can you explain how the bicycle accident happened?

This is an excellent way to start as it allows the witness to narrate the events they saw. It can let you get more details of the accidents you might not have been aware of. Once they share their details, you can ask them more questions based on what they shared with you.

2. Where were you standing when the accident occurred?

This will tell you whether the witness was a pedestrian or driving a car.

3. Where exactly were you at the time of the accident?

This will allow you to gauge the distance of the witness from the accident scene. It can tell you how clear their view was at the time of the accident.

4. Did you do anything once the bicycle accident happened?

This will allow them to share the steps they took after they saw the accidents. They might be the ones to call the police at the scene or take videos or photos of the scene, which could help with your case.

5. Did you see whether the negligent party was speeding or distracted?

Many bicycle accidents occur because of distracted driving if the witness saw the negligent party distracted driving, that could greatly help with the case.

6. Do you personally know any person involved in the accident?

This can prove that the witness is trustworthy as they are unbiased third-party. If they know anyone involved in the accident, it can help you in issuing a caution to your lawyer.

7. Do you want to share anything else about the bicycle accident?

This is an essential question as they might share something you might not have considered. These small details can prove valuable during the case, allowing your lawyer to negotiate good compensation for the negligent part. Allow the witness to share as many details as possible. You can even ask to record them to ensure nothing gets missed when you share the details with your lawyer.

8. Will you be willing to make a statement to the police or give testimony?

Having a statement of the witness on record can prove highly valuable for your bicycle accident case. Your Nevada personal injury lawyer can use the statement during the trial or negotiation. Moreover, your witness can appear in court to give their testimony. Be sure to take the contact details of the witness to provide to your lawyer later.

Consult Professional Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Nevada to Help your Case

A bicycle accident can cause severe injuries and entitles the victim to receive compensation for their losses and damage. Asking a few questions from a bicycle accident witness in Nevada can certainly help your lawyer build a strong case for you.

Personal injury claims can be complex; therefore, consulting a reliable lawyer can make a significant difference. The personal injury lawyers at Bourassa Law Group have the expertise to get the best out of the bicycle accident witness to help your case. Contact us at (800)870-8910 or send us a message to book your free consultation today.

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