Understanding the Hidden Costs of Personal Injury to Pursue Full Compensation

When an individual suffers personal injuries from an accident, the consequences can extend to much more than medical expenses and physical pain. Personal injuries come with several hidden costs like emotional trauma, job loss, financial strain, etc. By comprehending the hidden costs associated with personal injuries, you can leverage the hidden costs with your personal injury case to get full compensation for your losses. We turned to a Henderson personal injury lawyer to help us understand the hidden cost of personal injury.

The Hidden Costs of Personal Injury

Below are some of the common hidden costs of personal injury, according to the top Henderson personal injury lawyer:

Job Loss

Personal injuries can have catastrophic implications on an individual’s professional life. If you have sustained a catastrophic personal injury, you will likely be unable to work for several months. For example, in severe bike accident cases, people sustain injuries and fractures to their spines, paralyzing them for months. Furthermore, even if one heals from the fracture, they may be unable to function or walk how they did before the accident. This may cause you to lose your job, leading to severe financial strain.

Additionally, severe injuries like spine fractures may force an individual to switch careers, which can be challenging. For example, suppose you were a construction worker before the injury. In that case, you may be unable to continue to work in construction afterwards because individuals with a history of spinal cord injuries are not allowed to lift heavy objects or engage in tasks that may strain their backs. A career change may demand you to start from scratch, making it difficult to secure a job in the first few months. The financial burden that comes along with all these scenarios can be substantial and lead to homelessness, debt, and bankruptcy.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Costs

Depending on the severity of an individual’s injury, one may have to get months of physical therapy and rehabilitation. These services can be highly expensive, especially if they are not covered by insurance. Furthermore, the expenses can quickly add to a lot of money if you factor in the costs of therapy sessions and medications. This can lead to severe financial burdens on the victim and add to their stress.

Emotional Damage

It can be easy for people to overlook the emotional damage caused by personal injuries from accidents. However, emotional damage can be significant in severe cases where a victim suffers catastrophic injuries. Accident victims can develop severe mental health conditions like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), anxiety, and depression. These mental health illnesses can start with minor symptoms and later progress to severe signs, including nightmares, hallucinations, severe insomnia, substance abuse, behavioral changes, etc.

Moreover, personal injuries can disrupt an individual’s daily lifestyle, routines, and social interactions and keep them from performing hobbies they enjoy. These changes can become a lot for an individual to deal with and impact their overall mood, causing them to feel down. Mood changes can also cause personal injury victims to become distant from their loved ones and encourage them to avoid social interactions.

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Home Modifications

Serious personal injuries may also require a victim to conduct extreme home modifications. For example, a personal injury victim who is unable to move independently due to disability from injuries may need to install wheelchair ramps and handrails in their home. They may also have to invest in staircase wheelchair lifts and conduct extreme bathroom modifications that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Transportation and Travel Costs

Personal injuries can impact an individual’s mobility, making commuting to and from medical centers difficult. This can result in them being forced to hire ambulance services or taxis. With the fares of ride-sharing services at a peak, weekly visits to medical appointments or therapy sessions can add to a personal injury victim’s long list of expenses.

How We Can Help

You don’t have to deal with the consequences of personal injuries alone. Our Henderson, NV, injury lawyer at Bourassa Law Group can shed light on the hidden costs of your injuries in court and support you through claiming compensation. If you believe an entity is liable for your personal injuries, we can help you gather evidence and devise a strong argument against them in court. The best part about hiring our personal injury lawyers is that we don’t charge fees until we win. Dial 1-800-870-8910 to learn more about how our Henderson personal injury lawyer can help you with personal injury claims, or visit here to fill out the contact form here.

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