Understanding The Role of Liability Insurance Companies In An Accident

While it’s common for businesses, individuals can also have personal liability insurance. The Bourassa Law Group is a law firm in Nevada specializing in personal injury cases and estate planning.

Our accident lawyers have gone up against several liability insurance companies. Although these companies always try to minimize the damage to their client, our attorneys and lawyers understand that clients who’ve sustained preventable injuries due to negligence need their settlements for medical costs.

That’s why our team works hard, and thus we have a great portfolio of wins we’ve secured for past clients. However, if you get liability insurance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your insurer will be looking out for your best interests.

What Is Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is something that most corporate enterprises would have in case legal action was brought against them. This is because businesses are vulnerable to various claims, and they don’t want to risk paying a settlement that could destabilize their company. However, in the corporate sector, litigation also comes with bad press, which is why, even with insurance, they avoid litigation.

Paying In Case Of A Liability

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a claim, you might have to pay a settlement to an injured party. If you have insurance, however, the insurer will pay on your behalf. However, this depends on the policy you have and the insurance company.

In some cases, the company will say that the nature of the accident goes beyond what the policy covers, and therefore, you’ll have to pay out of pocket. For example, if you’re the defendant in a motor vehicle case due to impaired driving, and the defendant has serious car accident injuries, you’ll have broken traffic laws with serious consequences.

Many policies don’t cover purposeful violations of the law. However, a lawyer could help you find out which clauses of your policy apply to specific cases.

Attempting To Get The Case Dropped

Accident attorneys always advise clients never to contact the defendant’s liability insurance company. Although they’re not looking out for their client’s rights, it’s in their interest not to have to pay the settlement. They’re known to discourage people from filing cases at all, and if that’s not possible, making an offer in exchange for no legal action.

While this may sound like a decent amount of money when offered, the company would never make that offer unless they thought a case would cost them a larger sum. Personal injury attorneys understand how these conversations work and are better prepared to handle the communication.

If you want to protect yourself against legal claims, then the best practice is to stay responsible and vigilant, as well as find personal injury lawyers to have on your side 

The Bourassa Law Group offers free consultations with attorneys in Nevada so that you can get a better idea of how we operate before you sign on. Our expert team includes wrongful death attorneys and dog-bite injury attorneys. Click here to fill out the contact form.

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