When Is The Pedestrian Liable In Auto-Pedestrian Accidents?

Following an accident, the hardest part of a claim might be determining fault, even with an auto-pedestrian crash. Personal injury attorneys will always do their best to find out exactly how the accident occurred and who was to blame, but these things rarely occur with complete documentation.Additionally, as soon as an accident happens, the at-fault party tends to look for ways to claim it really wasn’t their fault at all.That’s why, following an accident, it’s vital to find a law firm in Las Vegas that can help you fight your case, even if you were a pedestrian.

Although it may seem like the pedestrian is the clear victim and the driver was in the wrong, accidents can be caused by pedestrian negligence. Regardless of whether or not it was the case, motor vehicle cases involving people on foot can be ruled in favor of the driver if a personal injury attorney can prove that the fault wasn’t theirs.

That’s where Bourassa Law Group comes in. Our accident and injury attorneys can help you put forth the true version of events to get the settlement you deserve. Check out all the wins we’ve been able to secure for past clients.

The Common Causes Of An Accident

Only a deep investigation will yield answers, and a lawyer called in time will take responsibility for gathering all the necessary evidence and recording damages. Here are some of the common reasons for accidents:

Crosswalks That Aren’t Marked

Sometimes, a crosswalk lacks its signature white stripes, which means in high-traffic areas, pedestrians rightfully crossing can go unnoticed by drivers. A driver is obligated to slow down and let a pedestrian pass, and a driver who isn’t vigilant for unmarked crosswalks is bound to cause an accident.

Pedestrians can do their part by being sure to look left and right before crossing because although they may be cleared of wrongdoing, car crash injuries can be serious for everyone involved.

Distracted Or Impaired Drivers

An impaired driver is someone who’s driving under the influence, whereas a distracted driver could be someone who is texting while driving. These are serious offenses and harm the lives of other drivers and people on foot. When substances are involved, this can be proven if the appropriate testing is carried out in time, but a distraction can be difficult to prove.

This is why pedestrians should take extra care to avoid hazardous drivers.

Reduced Visibility

Pedestrian accident lawyers deal with plenty of cases that come down to a simple fact; the driver didn’t see the individual they hit. This can happen when it’s dark or in bad weather. Headlights and windshield wipers help but shouldn’t be relied upon by drivers. If you find yourself operating a vehicle at night, you should take care to drive slower so that you can stop at short notice.

Still, pedestrians should also be aware of the danger they’re in while crossing roads in badly-lit areas.

using phone while driving

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