Wrongful Death in Police Shootings: Addressing Civil Rights Violations

According to the Washington Post, around 1000 individuals are killed in police shootings each year. Although many of these people are criminals, a portion of them are ordinary civilians going about their daily lives who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s heartbreaking to lose a loved one, especially when they have been murdered by the entity tasked with protecting them. Wrongful deaths caused by police shootings are a violation of civil rights. If you lose a loved one in a police shooting, you must take action by suing those liable on behalf of the deceased person. Let’s further discuss what the Denver wrongful death lawyers have to say on this matter.

The Statistics

Wrongful deaths in police shootings have become a common occurrence worldwide. According to statistics, approximately 427 civilians were fatally shot by the police in 2022, and the numbers have only risen ever since. Recent reports suggest that a total of 555 civilians have been shot in the US in 2023. Furthermore, it is critical to recognize that many individuals wrongfully killed in police shootings are people of color, specifically black individuals. Data show that black Americans suffer more fatal shootings than other ethnicities. From 2015 to 2023, the number of black Americans fatally shot in police shootings stood at 5.8 per billion of the population yearly.

Suing on Behalf of a Deceased Person: Course of Action

When an individual is killed in a police shooting, it impacts the victim’s family and community. Apart from inflicting immense pain on the victim’s family, the wrongful death of a person impacts the community’s trust in law enforcement. In cases where an individual wasn’t a part of a criminal activity or a threat, a wrongful death lawsuit can help families get closure and hold law enforcement agencies accountable for violating an individual’s civil rights.

Suing on behalf of a deceased individual can be challenging and emotionally draining. However, it must be done to ensure the ones liable are held accountable. However, before suing on behalf of a deceased person, the Denver wrongful death lawyers advise families of the victims to do their homework to ensure they are taking the right course of action.

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Research and Gather Information on the Case

Families of individuals who might be unjustifiably killed in police shootings can take legal recourse against law enforcement agencies for violating the victim’s civil rights. However, before taking this step, they must research and gather information on the case. This allows them to carefully plan their defense and ensure they present a strong case before the judge. If you want more information on your loved one’s death, you can successfully gather that from the following resources:

  • Police reports
  • Witness testimonies
  • Private investigators
  • Wrongful death lawyers

The above resources will allow you to understand the type of case you are dealing with. There are several different scenarios in which police shootings wrongfully kill people. For example, a person was shot and killed by a police officer at the scene of a crime or shot and killed while in custody. Although these details might seem insignificant to some people, they hold immense value in wrongful death cases.

Why Sue on Behalf of a Deceased Person?

Sometimes the loved ones of an individual whose life may have been unjustifiably taken during a police shooting may feel completely defeated and question whether it is even worth taking legal action against those liable since it won’t bring their loved one back. Although no compensation will bring your loved one back or reduce your pain, holding those accountable for the death of your loved one will allow you to get closure and ensure the ones responsible for the unfortunate event will be punished for their wrongdoing. Moreover, it will help you ensure that the police officials responsible for unjustifiable killings cannot repeat their actions.

Suing on Behalf of a Deceased Person: How We Can Help

Suing law enforcement on behalf of a deceased person can be a challenging procedure that requires an in-depth understanding of the relevant laws and access to the necessary resources. If you have lost a loved one at the hands of a police officer, we recommend contacting the Bourassa Law Group.

Our wrongful death lawyers in Denver have years of experience dealing with wrongful death cases. Our lawyers leverage critical thinking and analysis to carefully plan and execute every case and ensure their clients receive the highest pension possible. You can request a free case evaluation here or dial 1-800-870-8910 to speak to our experts.

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