3 Top Resources for Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case allows one to hold a negligent party accountable for actions that resulted in another person being harmed. For example, if you were attacked by a canine, you could find legal services in Nevada that could help you prove your claim and collect damages from the owner if their negligence led to your dog bite injuries.

 At Bourassa Law Group, a law firm in Las Vegas, we encourage people to pursue their claims and ensure they have the right resources for their personal injury cases. Our clients have been able to manage their medical bills and compensate for lost wages with the settlements and verdicts they received. Even if your injury was caused by police action, canine, or human, accident and injury lawyers can provide recourse to get what’s fair.

However, as a delicate legal matter, certain elements can help you tip the scales of justice in your favor. It’s not enough to be hurt and know that the defendant was responsible for the accident. Here are a few of your most valuable resources:

The Evidence

Everything needs to be documented, which is why seeking medical attention should be your priority, but keeping your own record should be second. If you’ve sustained car crash injuries, for example, take pictures of the scene, your bodily harm, and anything that seems relevant. Also, get the names of the first responders or the doctors that treat you, in case they need to be called for testimony.

These are important steps, even if an accident leaves you relatively uninjured. In motor vehicle cases, adrenaline often keeps one from feeling the full extent of the damages, only for them to later realize that they’re concussed or worse. At that point, it’ll be too late to get photos of the original site, and while the case could still go in your favor, your personal injury attorney will have to work extra hard.

Legal Services

Finding a law firm that’s capable and offers high-quality services should also be a priority because when you have the skill and experience on your side, you don’t have to shoulder as much of the burden of logistics. Your lawyer or attorney should be able to handle the evidence collection for you and negotiate with liability insurance companies too. When you’re reeling from the emotional and physical trauma, knowing that your rights are in skillful hands is one of your biggest resources for personal injury cases.


Depending on your state law, there’ll be a time limit in which you can file your case. In many cases, it’ll be two years, but keep in mind the sooner you file, the better your chances.

At Bourassa Law Group, you’ll find brain injury lawyers, truck accident attorneys, and even estate planning attorneys in Nevada and several other states across America. To get in touch, click here.

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