A Quick Guide to Nevada Bicycle Laws for Out-of-State Visitors

Nevada is popular among cyclists with its gorgeous parks, trails, bike paths, and active bicycling community, Nevada is popular among cyclists. The state also has clearly defined bicycle laws that out-of-state visitors are often unaware of and end up violating them unknowingly. So, we thought to put a quick guide for visitors who plan to cycle in Nevada to help them avoid breaking state laws.

Breaking Down Nevada’s Bicycle Laws – Rules Every Rider Must Know

Here are the laws that everyone visiting Nevada must know before they rent a bicycle here:

  • Cyclists are allowed to share the road with motorized vehicles. They also have the same responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. In other words, cyclists must follow all the traffic rules as other vehicles.
  • On roads where bike lanes are clearly marked, cyclists are required to use them.
  • Nevada allows riding bicycles on sidewalks in most areas. However, it is prohibited in Las Vegas, Reno, and some other municipalities. So, always check the local regulations.
  • Cyclists must ride on the right side of the road, except when it’s dangerous, they are riding at the same speed as other vehicles on the road, or they need to take a left turn.
  • When riding at night, bicycles must have a front headlight with white light bright enough to be visible from 500 feet, a red reflector on the back visible from at least 50 to a maximum of 300 feet, and reflective materials on both sides visible from a distance of at least 600 feet.
  • Maintain at least three feet distance from parked cars.
  • Never ride clinging to any other vehicle.
  • Do not follow motor vehicles too closely. Always maintain a safe distance from them.
  • Avoid riding in blind spots of other vehicles on the road.
  • Nevada state law does not require cyclists to wear a helmet. However, it is strongly recommended.

Nevada Bicycle Laws Also Give You the Same Rights as Motor Vehicle Drivers

Nevada doesn’t just hold cyclists liable to all the same rules as motor vehicles; it also gives them the same rights. Motorists must drive to the left of cyclists and maintain at least three feet distance from them on single-lane roads. On highways with multiple lanes, motorists must give a full lane to cyclists.

If you have an accident because a motorist on the road did not follow the traffic rules, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against them. Talk to experienced accident lawyers at The Bourassa Law Group to file a claim for a bicycle accident in Nevada.

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