Understanding the Different Types of Cycling Accidents in Las Vegas

Bicycles are one of the transportation means most favored by residents in Las Vegas for being cost-effective and convenient. Unfortunately, cyclists are at a high risk of different types of accidents, most of which are likely to result in catastrophic injuries.

This article will share the different types of accidents Las Vegas cyclists are exposed to!

1. The Right Hand

Probably most collisions are of this type. A vehicle crosses an intellection, leaves a parking lot or a driveway suddenly, and hits the cyclist. Another possibility is that the vehicle suddenly appears in front of the cyclist without giving them time to react, and the cyclist ends up crashing with the car.

You can avoid such an accident by staying visible, attracting the driver’s attention, slowing down, and trying to ride in the lane’s center.

2. The Slam

Another fairly common accident happens when cyclists drive very close to the cars parked on the street’s right side. If the car passenger opens the door without looking, the cyclist may be thrown or hit directly on the open door.

This is one of the most common types of cycling accident cases that come to personal injury attorneys. You can avoid this by keeping a prudent distance.

3. Crosswalk Collisions

Cyclists are seen riding on the sidewalks and crossing the street through the pedestrian crossing. When you cross through this area, you run the risk of being hit by a car turning to the right. A driver does not expect a bicyclist to cross the crosswalk, and it is difficult for them to spot it when turning.

4. Going Wrong Way

Many cyclists are seen riding the wrong way on the streets of Las Vegas because they think it is safer as they can see approaching cars. Driving in the opposite direction makes you invisible to motorists and pedestrians.

In most cases, drivers and pedestrians look to the side the vehicles are supposed to be coming from. When driving in the opposite direction, you expose yourself to colliding with vehicles turning, leaving garages, or even with a pedestrian or another cyclist.

5. The Left-Hand Collisions

Imagine a two-way street and a car coming from the opposite direction to yours. If that car turns to the left and hits you or cuts you off, you’re the one to crash into it.

You can avoid such an accident by avoiding the sidewalks, wearing bright clothes, using lights, and slowing down.

6. The Traffic Light of Death

A bad habit of many cyclists in Las Vegas is to overtake vehicles that are stopped at a traffic light on the right side. Cyclists also wait for the light to turn green between the stopped cars and the sidewalk. When you do this, you are in a blind spot for the driver and run the risk of being hit by a car that is going to turn right.

You can avoid such cycling accidents by passing to the left lane and then positioning yourself in front of the stopped cars. This way, you make yourself visible.

7. Rear-Ended Collisions

Fortunately, this type of cycling accident is not very common in Las Vegas. However, it is one of the most feared by cyclists since they cannot see the vehicles approaching from behind. It is important to note that the probability of suffering a rear impact is greater at night.

To avoid it, cyclists must always stay visible and not ride too close to the sidewalk.

What to Do in Case of a Cycling Accident in Los Angeles? Reach Out a Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer!

You can avoid the risk of an accident by following the tips shared above. However, accident risks are always there. Whatever type of cycling accident you’ve met, a personal injury lawyer can help you.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and are looking for a personal injury attorney in Nevada, Contact the Bourassa Law Group.

The Bourassa Law Group has a team of skilled personal injury attorneys experienced in dealing with different cycling accidents in Nevada. Your bicycle accident lawyer will help you determine your recoverable damage and fight, so you get the fairest compensation.

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