A Quick Guide to Childhood Catastrophic Injury Cases

Catastrophic injury cases in children can be brutal, not just for them but also for the parents. If your child has been involved in a serious accident, you can file a compensation claim. Depending on the degree of negligence and severity of the injuries, you may receive the maximum settlement possible.

However, it is worth noting that money cannot replace the pain and suffering experienced by children and their parents. Catastrophic injury cases are no joke, and you should consult an accident attorney for your situation.

Let’s explore a quick guide to childhood catastrophic injury cases.

Which Accidents Lead to Childhood Catastrophic Injury Cases?

Accidents can occur anywhere. However, if they could have been prevented by the property owner by installing safety features and putting up hazard signs, you can hold them liable.

Children can get injured due to slip and fall accidents, which can occur in school. They may also injure themselves during physical education classes.

Medical negligence can also cause your children to suffer, especially if the doctors and nurses are incompetent. Other examples of accidents that lead to catastrophic injury cases include car, playground, and sports accidents.

In short, if your child is seriously injured due to someone else’s fault, you can file a compensation claim. This compensation can cover medical bills and even pay for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

How Can You File a Childhood Catastrophic Injury Claim?

You can choose to handle your child’s case yourself or wait for them to turn eighteen so they can do it themselves. Any compensation they receive will be added to an account, which they will obtain when they come of age.

However, if your child needs to use the money for mental and physical care, they may do so. The claim process involves hiring a personal injury lawyer who will investigate the situation and file a claim against the guilty party’s insurance company.

Once the claim process is complete, you can expect a hearing. Parents must attend this and witness the court’s examination of all the facts. This is to ensure that children do not receive less than they are entitled to, which is often the case with insurance companies.

The court will also decide on the child’s compensation account and how to manage finances in the future.

How Much Can Children Receive from a Compensation Claim?

The amount of compensation children receive depends entirely on the situation and circumstances. If your child has incurred serious injuries that have also led to pain and suffering, these factors will be taken into account.

If you had to take time off work to care for your child, you would also receive compensation for your lost wages. However, a significant amount of the compensation reflects the medical bills.

But if you have an excellent lawyer to build your case, you can receive compensation for non-economic damages.

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