A Step-by-Step Guide to Filing a Catastrophic Injury Claim in Nevada

Catastrophic injuries can have a significant mental, physical, and financial toll on the victim and their loved ones. Such injuries can greatly affect the overall quality of life, often resulting in temporary or lifetime disabilities.

Sustaining catastrophic injuries due to someone’s negligent behavior in Nevada entitles you to file a catastrophic injury claim to recover damages. Consulting catastrophic injury lawyers is important to ensure you have a strong claim and recover maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a catastrophic injury accident, here are the steps to file a catastrophic injury claim in Nevada:

Step 1: Get Medical Attention Immediately

Your safety and health must be a priority in an accident. It is important to assess your injuries and call for emergency services to receive immediate medical attention. This could mean getting treatment from the first responders or going to the emergency room. You can prevent the injuries from worsening by getting treatment instantly. Moreover, this could also be used as evidence to prove your injuries in the claim.

Step 2: Gather Information and Take Pictures

If it is safely possible, you should take videos and pictures of the scene of the accident and property damage. You can also capture the visible injuries sustained right after the accident. Moreover, get the contact details of the other parties involved and the witnesses.

Step 3: Prepare Documents

Be sure to have a copy of the police report, medical treatments, and property damages. Be sure to document all the medical bills, lost wages, and hospital visits due to the accident. This will help in creating a strong claim.

Step 4: Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Having legal representation is integral in all accident cases, particularly catastrophic injury cases. A skilled lawyer is aware of all the steps and ways to create a strong case and how to fight the claim on your behalf. They can help calculate the damages you deserve and ensure your legal rights are protected throughout the process.

Step 5: Prove Negligence

The most important step in catastrophic injury cases is proving negligence. You have to prove the negligent behavior of the other party resulted in your injuries. This can be a challenging step to do on your own, which is why hiring a catastrophic injury lawyer is crucial.

In order to have a strong catastrophic injury claim in Nevada, it is integral to provide a burden of proof to ensure your innocence and prove the negligence of the other party.

Step 6: File the Claim

After your lawyer is gathered the evidence and proven the other party’s negligence caused the injuries, they can file the claim on your behalf. This informs the other party and their insurance provider that you intend to file the claim. In many cases, this can result in a settlement.

Step 7: Negotiations during Settlement

Most cases can be resolved in this phase without going to court when both parties and their lawyers negotiate and agree on a settlement. The other party will come up with a number to cover your losses and injuries.

It is best to have a lawyer with you to ensure you are getting the maximum settlement for your injuries. Signing the release without consulting your lawyer could mean you might be agreeing to a settlement that is worth less than you already deserve, and it will prevent you from filing any claim in the future against the other party.

Step 8: Going to Court

In case a settlement agreement isn’t reached, the case will move to court. Both parties will present their evidence and arguments before a jury or judge. The court will decide the party at fault and the amount of compensation you deserve.

Consult Catastrophic Injury Lawyers in Nevada

If you or a loved one has sustained catastrophic injuries in Nevada due to a car accident or a motorcycle accident, you can recover compensation by filing a catastrophic injury claim. However, proving negligence in these cases can be challenging, which is why hiring a Nevada catastrophic injury lawyer can ensure you have a strong case.

Our personal injury lawyers at Bourassa Law Group are experts in dealing with catastrophic injury cases. Our legal team thoroughly evaluates your case and gather evidence to ensure you receive the financial compensation you deserve for your sufferings.

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