A Quick Guide Proving Future Medical Expenses in Police Assault Lawsuits in Colorado

The rise in police brutality cases in the past few years has pushed people to come out on the streets and protest against unfair rights. The number of victims of police brutality has increased significantly over the past few years, peaking in 2022.

This also leads to an increase in the number of people who report police brutality and file lawsuits for the same. A police brutality lawsuit can be extremely difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to proving future medical expenses.

Insurance companies are usually hesitant to provide claims, especially regarding unseen injuries or expenses that will be incurred in the future. However, it isn’t impossible. With the right police brutality lawyer, you can win your case!

What Are Future Medical Expenses?

What are future medical expenses, and why would you need to contact a Denver police assault lawyer to compensate for future needs?

Future medical expenses are one small part of a police assault lawsuit. Not all police brutality victims will require compensation for future medical expenses. For example, if the victim reaches Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) by the time the initial claim is resolved, they may not need to submit a claim for future medical expenses.

MMI is when the treatment leads to a sufficient level of improvement, whereby it is impossible to achieve further improvement. Many victims may reach this level. However, in certain cases, you may need to consult a Colorado police misconduct attorney to file for future medical expense compensation.

For example, suppose you have received a blow to the kidney and need further treatment, such as dialysis, over the next few years. In that case, you are an ideal candidate for future medical expense compensation.  

Proving Future Medical Expenses with a Police Brutality Lawyer

It is possible to prove future medical expenses with the help of a Denver police assault lawyer. This can lead you to a settlement that covers your future medical costs. Here are the routes you may take;

Expert Testimony

You must prove beyond doubt that your current injuries were sustained through the police assault will have future medical consequences. This can be proven with the help of your doctor, who knows the most about your case.

Another way to prove future medical expenses is to get a testimony from a medical expert witness. They may not have treated you for the causes of the assault but should be educated enough to provide a reliable testimony.

Organizing the Claim

This is where a Colorado police misconduct attorney will be able to help you the most. The way you put together your case is going to matter a lot. Your lawyer can help you calculate the total compensation you will need and tie it to your police assault injuries. The step is essential since insurance companies may attempt to prove that future expenses are tied to an underlying condition.


Before you go to court with your claim, you may be able to achieve a settlement. This is where your lawyer and the insurance company can meet (deposition) and work out a deal that favors both parties. In this case, you must prove that future medical expenses are likely. Insurance companies usually try to avoid court proceedings and may go ahead with the settlement in your favor.

How Can I Calculate My Future Medical Expenses?

It isn’t that hard to calculate future medical expenses. With the help of a Denver police assault lawyer, it is quite easy to estimate your future cost.

The court may use one of two methods to calculate your medical expenses, and you should follow the same guidelines. The first method assumes that you may never get back to your previous level of functioning. In this case, they calculate the cost that is involved in getting you back to your maximum functioning potential.

In some cases, police assault may not be severe enough for you to experience a chronic condition that will stay with you for the rest of your life. In this case, the attorney may ask for compensation based on each additional expense incurred to get you back to maximum functionality.

Why is a Police Brutality Lawyer Necessary?

A professional police brutality lawyer would have worked in the field for quite some time. Proving future medical expenses is much easier with a lawyer as they have the experience to fight your case. In some cases, they can explain your condition better than you can for yourself.

A police brutality lawyer can also help you understand whether an insurance company is looking out for your best interests and whether it is looking to take advantage of you. If you are considering a settlement, a Denver police assault lawyer can guide you to fair compensation.  


Police assault cases are on the rise, and it is important to reach out to a police brutality lawyer if you or anyone you know has gone through an assault. Some medical expenses may not be realized at present, and you might need to fight for future medical compensation.

A lawyer can help you collect the documentation required to win the case. Bourassa Law Group can answer all your questions and put your worries to rest so you can recover in peace. Contact us at 800-870-8910 today.

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