A Quick Guide to Brain Injury Verdicts and Settlements in Nevada

While any harm to the body can impact one’s quality of life, the chances are much higher for experiencing a brain injury. Brain injury, sometimes called invisible injury, can occur for various reasons. Some common causes of brain injury include falling down stairs, vehicle accidents, getting hit on the head, and sports injuries.

In the US, up to 1.5 million people suffer from some kind of brain injury every year. A significant percentage of these victims loses their life. Moreover, 5.3 million Americans with brain injuries depend on others to live a decent life. Thus, brain injury verdicts and settlements in Nevada require thorough medical diagnosis and report to support the case.

When Do You Need to Seek a Brain Injury Attorney?

A brain injury attorney must be contacted immediately if the injury occurs due to a person or business’s negligence. The victim must be provided with immediate medical attention if they lose consciousness or experience headaches, memory loss, difficulty in executing routine tasks, dizziness, loss of balance, vision problems, and emotional outbursts. Medical documents must be kept secured and handy as proof of brain injury and ensuing issues.

Brain Injury Settlements in Nevada

The state of Nevada holds the at-fault party responsible for all potential losses suffered by the victim. These include:

  • Medical expenses – These include medical bills, x-rays, MRIs, surgeries, emergency care, intensive care, therapies, medications, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  • Disability costs – Brain injury can lead to brain damage, impairing brain function, and physical disability. This can require long-term medical treatments, assistive devices and home modifications, and full-time nurses.
  • Lost earnings – Brain injury victims can suffer from health issues that can leave them unable to work and make a living.
  • Painful life – Victims of brain injury can suffer from emotional and physical distress that can lower their sources of happiness and quality of life.
  • Punitive damages – These refer to the cost of punishment for the at-fault party.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses – Brain injury victims and their families may have to bear considerable expenses for travel, damage repairs, and legal fees.

Brain Injury Verdicts and Settlements in Nevada Calculation

The above damages are calculated through evidence such as medical records, testimonies of medical and mental health professionals, family and friends, and victims, and injury photographs. The judge also takes into account the jury’s verdict along with the evidence. The settlements are determined through Per Diem Method or Multiplier Method. It can also be up to the judge’s or jury’s discretion.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to diagnose the full extent of the impact of a brain injury immediately afterward. Victims can experience worsened effects in the long run. The impacts of brain injury that may seem treatable earlier can become challenging later on.

Thus, if you or a loved one have experienced a brain injury, consult a brain injury attorney as soon as possible. Attorneys with experience in dealing with brain injury verdicts and settlements in Nevada can help you calculate damages, negotiate with insurance companies, and build a strong case against the parties at fault.

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