A Quick Guide to Drowning: Accidental Death Benefits in Nevada

Most drowning cases fall under the category of accidental death. The victim was not responsible for the tragedy, which occurred solely as an accident. Due to the unintentional nature of these occurrences, victims’ families can receive accidental benefits in Nevada.

However, there are rules and limitations in place for families to be aware of. Let’s explore a quick guide to drowning and accidental death benefits in Nevada.

What Are the Conditions for Claiming an Accidental Death Benefit?

If you wish to receive insurance benefits for accidental death, you must ensure that you ask for compensation while the policy is valid. You cannot waste too much time and need to look up the relevant periods in your state.

In Nevada, this period varies depending on the insurance policy. Therefore, looking up the details as soon as possible is best.

The victim’s death can be difficult for family members to deal with, leading to time wasted. Wasted time may cause you to miss out on accidental death benefits needed for handling the funeral and other costs.

Some specific limitations that exempt insurance companies from having to pay accidental death benefits are drug use and extracurricular activities. Therefore, to receive accidental death benefits, the death must be accidental, occur while the policy is valid, and not be a limitation.

What are Examples of Exemptions from Accidental Death Benefits?

Insurance companies don’t need to pay compensation if someone drowns in the sea while intoxicated. Similarly, if someone was jet skiing, they likely accepted the risks and continued with a potentially dangerous activity anyway.

Some people will likely suffer from heart attacks after taking drugs at a party. Insurance companies will not pay accidental death benefits for such situations despite it being an accident. It is worth mentioning that different states have different allowances and what they consider an accidental death.

Insurance companies cover the exemptions in their policies. However, hiring a lawyer to take the best course of action as soon as possible is helpful.

What Benefits Can You Receive from a Drowning Case in Nevada?

  • You can cover the victim’s funeral and burial costs through accidental death benefits. These benefits help the families cope with the financial losses they will suffer.
  • You may receive compensation for the loss of companionship. There are non-economic damages relating to a victim’s death due to accidental drowning.
  • You can receive benefits for the loss of future earnings. If the victim was the sole breadwinner for their family, it makes sense for the family to receive benefits for the loss of future earnings.

Contact Bourassa Law Group for Accidental Death Lawyers

Losing a loved one to a drowning accident is a tragedy. Not only will you grieve for their loss, but you will also have to deal with heavy financial losses.

Bourassa Law Group deals with many drowning cases in Nevada. Its team of experts knows what you’re going through and can offer a helping hand. Build a strong case for yourself by relying on our accidental death lawyers and get the benefits you deserve. Contact us at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation today.

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