Are Electric Bikes More Dangerous than Motorcycles?

People rely on electric bikes to get around, and Los Angeles is no exception. Having the perfect climate for biking, many residents rely on e-bikes for transportation year-round across the city. Although e-bikes are convenient, environmentally friendly, and offer many other advantages, they can also be very dangerous and cause many types of accidents, mostly resulting in serious injuries.

In fact, a research study warns that e-bikes are three times more dangerous than normal bikes, involving high risks of fatal accidents. The same goes for motorcycle accidents that already have a high fatality rate. The danger and risk associated with an electric bike are even higher than the motorcycle.

Let’s discuss how electric bikes are more you need to know!

Study Warns E-Bike Riders

A recent study by Allianz, the largest insurance company in Europe, concludes that riding an electric bicycle is much more dangerous than a normal bike. According to Allianz calculations, the risk of a fatal accident when riding an electric bike is three times higher than on a normal bicycle without a motor in all age groups.

The average five-year risk of mortality on a pedal-assisted bicycle is three times higher than on a conventional bicycle in all age groups. The risk of death from injury is significantly higher in the age 65 and older group than in the group of all young people up to 64 years old.

To obtain this dramatic result, the firm compared accident data from the German Federal Statistical Office with the estimated driving kilometers published by the Federal Ministry of Transport in the Mobility in Germany study. According to these statistics, an average of 11.64 cyclists with electric bikes die per billion kilometers traveled, while the comparable figure for non-motorized bicycles is 8.96 cyclists.

Of the estimated 77 million bicycles in Germany, 5% are electric bicycles, translating into four million units circulating in the country. However, the proportion of fatal accidents with electric bikes is almost 18 percent, an alarming figure that the largest European insurer has highlighted to raise awareness among users.

Reasons Why Electric Bikes are More Dangerous

Due to their higher speed, electric bicycles cause more frequent and more serious accidents than conventional motorcycles and bicycles. And if the bike has been unbridled, the risks are even greater: accidents are much more frequent and more catastrophic injuries.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, electric bicycles, and in particular their braking system, are not designed to withstand the stresses induced by unclamping and by the high speeds which can then be reached. When braking, they become unstable, and their braking distance increases considerably.

Remember that when an electric bike travels at 50 km/h instead of 25 km/h, its braking distance is multiplied by four before coming to a complete stop. A collision that a motorcycle would normally have avoided smoothly can result in a brutal shock.

Another risk factor is the protective equipment of cyclists, which generally leaves something to be desired compared to that of motorcyclists. The body of an e-bike rider is, therefore, much more exposed than a motorcyclist.

In addition, car accident threat is always there. Whether you’re an e-bike rider or a motorcyclist, the threat of a car accident is real. High speed and the braking system discussed above make them much more dangerous and vulnerable to car accidents. It is highly likely for a distracted driver to fail to spot a speeding e-bike in the adjacent lane.

What to Do When Involved in an Electric Bike Car Accident? Reach Out to an Electric Bike Accident Lawyer!

Whether hit by a car, a motorcycle, or any other vehicle, an e-bike rider holds the right to file a personal injury claim. There’s a high risk of injuries in such an accident which come at a cost or may result in permanent job loss. Whatever the case, reach out to the Bourassa Law Group, an expert law firm experienced in dealing with all types of accident cases.

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