Are Vegas Hotel Pools Safe to Swim in?

There have been reports of many swimming pools in Las Vegas being extremely unhygienic. This trend picked up after pool water from some of the most popular pool clubs in Las Vegas was analyzed by microbiologists.

The bacteria count was shockingly high. So much fecal matter was found in some of the pools that experts called it a toilet.

Let’s explore more details about whether Vegas hotel pools are safe to swim in.

Which Vegas Pools Made the News for Being Infected?

It is normal in Las Vegas for people to hold pool parties. So, there are so many people in the pool that it is no wonder bacteria counts are so high.

Many people drink alcohol in swimming pools and are not in their right senses, causing them to be extra unhygienic. You can expect spilled alcohol and human excrement in these pools, leading to infections and diseases.

Knowing this, Vegas’ pool owners are responsible for equipping their pools with the latest filtration technology. Filtration must be continuous to ensure the water remains clean, as there are tens of people leaving and entering the pool at any moment.

Swimming pool water samples from the Marquee Day Club had fecal matter in them, and there were cigarettes and fingernails in the water as well.

Also, foamy substances found in these pools had E. coli. in them, which can cause food poisoning. There is a high chance for people to become infected swimming in these waters, which is a serious health hazard.

The Mandalay Bay Resort’s swimming pool tested positive for a bacteria count of more than 100 million. Therefore, it is best to avoid these places until they clean up their acts (literally).

How to Maintain Pool Safety in Vegas?

Some pools in Vegas were found to be very clean. The Tao Day Club is expensive to get into, but pool samples showed that the water was safe to swim in. This shows that they give importance to safety practices that ensure clean water.

Maintaining pool safety in Las Vegas is not that complicated if pool owners are willing to take responsibility. If they charge high rates for entry into their clubs, the least they can do is invest in pool safety. Pool filtration systems need to work continuously to flush and remove bacteria from pools.

If hundreds of people enter a pool on any given day, it is not a surprise that pools can get extremely unhygienic. If the same samples of water were found to have an incredibly high bacteria count in public swimming pools, they would be shut down.

If you own a private club looking to avoid a bad reputation and also prioritize pool safety for your customers, you should invest in the latest pool safety features. The most important is a continuous flow filtration system, which efficiently cleans your pool throughout the day.

Chlorine is also a popular treatment for swimming pools because it kills bacteria quickly. So, using it strategically in your pools also helps ward off infections and prioritizes pool safety.

Contact a Lawyer if You Became Ill at a Swimming Pool in Las Vegas

No one wants their holiday experience ruined due to a club owner’s negligence. If you become seriously ill in a swimming pool, hiring a competent lawyer to build a case for your losses is worth hiring.

Bourassa Law Group takes your unique circumstances into account to create a strong case for your situation. If you suspect that you’ve contracted an illness due to a pool owner’s negligence, it is best to reach out to experts in the field. Contact them at (800)870-8910 for a free consultation.

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