Assessing The Seriousness Of Car Accidents and Injuries In Colorado

Car crashes aren’t uncommon in Colorado and are deemed as one of the leading causes of injury. They’re considered “serious accidents” and are often fatal for the parties involved. That said, fatality isn’t the only factor considered when determining the seriousness of an accident and injury.

Let’s take a closer look at what personal injury lawyers use to define serious car accidents and injuries.

What Is a Serious Car Accident?

Determining what qualifies as a serious car accident is challenging. Many “major” accidents cause excessive vehicle or property damage but the parties involved sustain minor or no injuries. Many “minor” accidents that may appear harmless at first glance can result in long-lasting and/or debilitating injuries. So, how do you define a serious car accident and assess its fallout?

The first thing to consider is the type of accident. Accidents such as head-on car crashes, rear-end collisions, and multi-car crashes are generally classified as serious accidents because of the consequences they have. For instance, a multi-car crash may result in life-threatening or traumatic injuries, cause excessive vehicle or property damage, and lead to emotional and financial stress. Similarly, even low-impact accidents can be classified as serious if they lead to major injuries or financial stress.

Every aspect of an accident must be taken into account before determining the severity of an incident. This includes physical and psychological effects, financial outcomes, and other losses or damages.

What Is a Serious Injury?

Physical injuries that occur because of a car accident can take various forms, from minor cuts and bruises to broken bones and whiplash. Paramedics and personal injury lawyers consider an injury to be serious if it:

  • Causes severe pain and/or discomfort
  • Takes a long time to heal
  • May never heal
  • Causes impairment, disfigurement, or loss
  • Leads to a loss of income
  • Leads to a loss of earning capacity
  • Requires extended or ongoing medication maintenance, rehabilitation, therapy, or other treatments
  • Requires purchasing additional equipment or items to manage the symptoms

The Psychological Fallout of Car Accidents & Injuries

 Personal injury lawyers also consider the psychological fallout of car accidents and injuries. Being in a car accident can lead to depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Victims may re-evaluate their mode of transportation or routes after the accident, leading to additional financial and emotional stress. They may also require therapy or other mental health intervention to process the trauma of sustaining a severe injury or being in an accident

Claiming Damages After an Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident and have sustained an injury due to no fault of your own, make sure you hire a car accident lawyer in Denver, Colorado to claim the damages.

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